lace afghan netting instructions

grammy42August 11, 2007

I am interested in making afghans from lace afghan netting and yarn. I can find the netting in stores but have not been able to find any patterns. Does anyone know where to get these patterns. Thank you

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I have to confess total ignorance on this... I don't know what lace afghan netting is. Can you explain it so I'll know? And, did you ever find any patterns?

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Grammy, I think I have a couple of patterns. I think they are in a Crochet with Heart magazine, but they might be from Workbasket. I'll try to remember to look this weekend and let you know if I still have them.

Carol Ann, if it's what I'm thinking of, the lace is an open mesh that you weave the yarn through to create the design.


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It is bought by the yard. My sister-in-law bought it in a kit many years ago. She has been able to buy the lace but couldn't find any more patterns. They have some of the material at Hobby lobby.

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The only place to get the patterns was in the old kits (except for one leaflet which I have -"Afghan Heirlooms"). I have been trading these patterns (from the 80's-90's) with several other ladies over the past year and have collected many. Are you interested in any one (or more) in particular? I could send you a list. What patterns do you have?

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I don't really have a pattern. I took one of my sister-in-laws afghans she made and used it to make one. It is a zigzag pattern. I would be interested in any you would be willing to share. Do you know of any place you can buy the kits. Thank you for replying.

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I have located a retailer for the afghan lace/netting. If anyone is interested, its very inexpensive. Also I am interested in trading patterns or free patterns. Please email me if interested.

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