Wanting to enlarge a sweater pattern?

suebdooAugust 27, 2008

Hi everyone:

Last year I struggled with tight tension.

I eventually found the right size needles to accommodate.

Now, my dilema is: I have many, many patterns for fair isle sweaters. All done on circular needles (which I love). My problem is that the sweater sizes go up to a standard 46-48 inch chest.

My aunt has asked me to make one for my cousin who is considerably larger. 56-58" chest.

Changing needles (not an option) would make a larger sweater, however, I would like this sweater to be thicker and warmer.

Does anyone know how I might enlarge an existing pattern?

I am totally at a loss. You know I see lots of people with big fairisle sweaters and often wonder how they get them to fit when the patterns don't exceed an X-large.


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Your best bet, even though you have many patterns already, would be to buy one in the size you need. Especially with the desired sweater being a fair isle.


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Tami, Thanks so much for responding, however, I have not seen the fair isles, nordic knits, Lopi sweaters in a size larger than an XL. I am totally at a loss.
I don't object to buying new patterns at all. It's just where do I find them?


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Well, if you jump the yarn and needle size, you will end up with a bigger sweater, but you will have to make the necessary adjustments for the length, which will also grow. The first sweater I ever knitted had a Fair Isle yoke and although the directions specified sport weight yarn, I knitted it in worsted. I was 5'2"/110 lbs at the time and the sweater ended up fitting my DH who was 5'10"/180!

However, a search of "Plus size knitting patterns" turned up this site:

Here is a link that might be useful: Plus size patterns

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Damascusannie I want to thank you for that website link. I found that they offer XXS patterns for men and I have been looking for a sweater that was sized for that with out having to sit down and figure out the math for reducing a pattern

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damascusannie, thank you so much for the terrific Plus Size pattern link. I guess when I do a search, I give too much information and come up with nothing!
Thanks again.


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I'm glad I could help--I was just lucky I think!


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