What size needlles do I use

imabestAugust 25, 2008

To make socks for women ????I want to buy the bamboo circluar needles in 24" but dont know what size

I know you all will know!!! Thanks for any help Imabest

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also what is your favorite yarn for socks????thanks again

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I don't think the 24" will work for socks. Too long. Get some dpns. I like to use shorter ones. I use size 1 or 2. The patterns often call for bigger needles, but as someone here advised, that gets me a very large sock.

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My favorite sock yarns are Sockotta (cotton blend) and Trekker (wool).

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The 24" bamboos will work, as long as you have 2 of them. If you're thinking of doing magic loop with just one circ, then you're better off going longer. That is just my opinion of course. I prefer using two 16" circs for socks. And I love to use any of the sock yarns that have just a bit of stretch in them. I love Skacel Trampoline.

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I forgot to mention needle size. I have used size 1's, but I just don't feel like I'm getting much done very quickly. I usually use 2 or 3. Of course, your yarn will dictate the needle size to some extent.

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I use two 24" circ aluminum size 3 for my socks. Right now, I am working with yarn called On Your Toes. It is 75% Bamboo, 25% nylon. Machine washable/dryable and super soft!


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Ima, I use size 2's. Usuallly about a 36 to 40 inch circular. I hate double points. I always drop them or pull them out of the stitches. I have done magic loop for years. For my fat calves, I cast on 72 stitches, then when I get to the ankle, I decrease to 68 or 64 stitches to finish the socks. So far I have liked almost all of the sock yarn I have used. there was one brand I had for DD's socks that felt sticky while knitting, but I can't tell you what it was.


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