'breaking yarn'?

Vicki_ILAugust 23, 2006

I'm a REAL newbie to knitting - only wish I was as half as good as I'd like to be! :) Anyway, I was wondering if the term "breaking yarn" is the same as cutting the yarn? I've seen that term on several patterns and was unclear about it.

Also, I took a knitting class on a lacy-stitch vest - did wonderful on the back but now that I'm doing the sides and decreasing at the armholes, am completely lost and discouraged. I can't seem to get it right no matter how many times I take out and try again. I know that the instructor was getting frustrated with me but not nearly as much as I was with me!

I have finished a top-down sweater for my DD that I'm pretty proud of - now just need to block it.

Thanks for any info!


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Yes, it means the same thing. But it sounds like they just want you to pull the yarn until it breaks, doesn't it? Of course, this would stretch the yarn and make it limp, so don't even think about it. Some patterns use this term when they are advising you to change colors.

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It is easy to decrease, though there is more than one way to do it depending on the effect you want. What do the directions say they want you to do? Perhaps we can help you.

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