ABC block crocheted afghan pattern

bonsaisAugust 13, 2010

I know there's a block pattern version of the ABC's for child/baby pattern out there. It may be an old one etc... I have the free one using puff stitch but this is blocks sewn together with different colors for the letters. If you know where I can buy just the pattern without the need for yarn ( I already have it) I'd sure appreciate the help.

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Yes and I just saw it the other day darn it but where and was I on the desktop or laptop to go back in my history. Well hopefully someone will know but I will search and check both computers. It's like pink, blue, yellow, purple blocks with the letters in the middle of each one right? Oh going to drive me nuts now thank you, he he. Mary

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Well maybe I was thinking of this with no alphabet or maybe it was something I kept seeing in the Mary Maxim catalog. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: blocks afghan

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I'm looking for something similar. It has only the 3 inter-linked blocks A B C. I saw the pattern recently but can't put my hands on it.

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Pat if you saw it online recently it should be in your history unless you cleared that. I have my history set to store for 30 days because of stuff like this. Mary

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