Outside reset for oil boiler

sue_ctApril 14, 2014

I am shopping for a new oil boiler, and recently someone suggested an outside reset as a way to increase the efficiency of the new boiler and reduce energy costs. I don't have the estimate yet, I am waiting for him to get back to me. He did say it would add to the cost of the boiler and install. I have hot water baseboard heat. He said the water gets heated to 180 degrees but really only needs to be heated that high when it is very cold out, and heating the water to a lower temp, like 120 or 140 when it isn't as cold out would give significant savings. I can't find anything about this here. I have no idea yet what the cost will be, but is this usually a worthwhile option?

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An outside temperature control for an boiler is a worthwhile option. The claim is the savings are in the 10-15% range but this will vary by climate.

Attached is video from This Old House showing how it is installed. The installation is fairly easy. I think this of control works well with a condensing boiler but it will save energy with any boiler.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Install Weather-Based Heating Controls

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Thank you for the link. Unfortunately, I get the installation instrucions, but the video is just a black box so I can't access it.

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Your Adobe Flash player may need to be updated. If you are using Windows do a right click within the video image and select "About Adobe Flash player".

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