cheap, CHEAP bamboo knitting needles

sandra_fergusonAugust 28, 2008

My set of bamboo 13" knitting needles arrived today, from Shanghi, and the quality is no different than those I've bought in this country, for a TON more money....I paid $12.98 in TOTAL (this includes S&H), for sets from size 0 to 15. I've just bid on a complete set of dp needles 0 to 15 for even less. If anyone is considering them, don't worry..... they couldn't be nicer.

They are the 8 Season company, on ebay. (I'd love to know what the other 4 seasons are!!!)

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Good to know. I didn't think you'd be disappointed. I would like to warn you and others, though, that you should be very careful when ordering circular bamboo needles from some of these overseas companies (I do not know about 8 Seasons, so I am not knocking them). They often have hollow, flimsy cables and the stitches do not slide easily on those cables.

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Let us know what you think of the dpns. I could use a whole set of them.

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Will do, sheilajoyce... Donna, I wasn't planning to order the circular needles, but appreciate the heads up. Santa brought me a set of Denise interchangeable ones, so, after I get the dp ones, I'll be set for ANYTHING, ANY SIZE!

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I've just ordered a complete set of DP needles.....15 sets...for around $16.00, including postage...(there are 5 needles in each set), so will let you know what I think when they arrive, although I'm sure they will be of the same quality as the long ones I got. When you consider that this manufacturer is making a profit on this small amount of money, just THINK of the profit other companies are making when they repackage and resell the very same product...the wholesale prices in bulk purchases are even less than what I paid!!!......I don't mind folks making a profit, but geez, the markup on these is completely out of sight!!!

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Sounds nice.... but.... I wonder if they are using slave labor to make those needles so the prices can be so low.

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