Fibre Craft dolls & patterns

maggiejo1546August 7, 2014

I too am in search of Fibre Craft dolls and patterns. Ebay only has so much and then there is nothing that you want. I am looking for the Pandora witch crochet pattern. Very hard to find.
Also, I have two binders full of Fibre Craft doll patterns. Accidently
had them at work when I moved. I had been collecting for 40 years and lost everything else. I have the Apple Dumpling doll
patterns as well as several of the other collections. If I can make
anyone copies I would happy to do that.

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You are not supposed to make and share copies of patterns, you are ripping off the designers by doing that. So much needle work and crochet patterns get ripped off hurting the designers that some designers have given up and quit designing, so sad. Check etsy, that pattern sold on there a bit ago but may come up again. Mary

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Since they don't make the fibre craft leaflets anymore and there are only so many copies (and hard to find) I don't see how she is ripping off the designer. I would gladly buy the leaflets I am missing from the designer, or anyone else. You tell me where and I will.

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It's still illegal copy right issues. I am not going to get into all the legalities of it but my friend is a cross stitch designer and just because some of her patterns are no longer in print does not give people the right to photo copy and share them. That is one reason she is tired of designing as she has to contend with people selling illegal copies of her out of print and in print designs on ebay and has to pay her lawyer to handle and deal with it and get the seller shut down, it's a daily struggle let me tell you. You would only understand if you were a designer and had to deal with people ripping off your patterns in print and out of print. Mary

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