A finish and a WIP

acraftyladyAugust 9, 2014

I run a prayer shawl ministry at my church and just finished these and then started my next one. The last photo is the finish from the book as to what the whole thing looks like. I reall like the diamonds pattern and it's working up fairly quickly. Mary

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Very nice! You do nice work. And it's a wonderful ministry.

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How interesting and how beautiful thanks for sharing

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Gorgeous! I love the edging! I was making prayers shawls and slacked off while I was learning to knit lace shawls.

Bless you and your group, I know thy are appreciated.

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Thanks all. Mary

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Really like that pink one, pattern is lovely.
Excuse my ignorance, but what is a prayer shawl- how does it differ from an ordinary shawl?

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Prayer shawls are blessed by our priest then people can take one for someone in need of healing like going through chemo and stuff like that. When they take one the recipients name is put into a book and we pray over their healing every week.

We had someone receive one of our shawls that had something wrong with their leg and was in great pain and after wearing our shawl he said the pain went away and when he went back to the Dr what ever was wrong with his leg mysteriously dissapeard and Dr's were baffled how that happened as it was not something minor that would just go away but we truly believe it was the prayer shawl. A lot of people tell us they get great comfort when they wear our shawls. Mary

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