New Bryant Evolution Furnace Quote

highltApril 5, 2012

I'm looking at replacing my current furnace/heat pump and was shocked at the pricing. Maybe I'm behind in times with pricing but was curious if anyone can provide feedback on my quote.

Bryant 986t(986TA100) Furnace

Bryant 285B(285bna036) Single Stage 16 Seer Heat Pump

Coil/Heater pack model CNPVP2136

Bryant Evolution Control System

Price is $10,343. This includes conversion kit for propane furnace, new refrigent lines, new outside disconnect box and new return air drop. Warranty is standard 1 year labor and 10 year parts. I can pay $544 for labor for ten years. Just starting to look and was shocked at the price. Feedback appreciated.

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What is your location?

For what size home?

What size furnace/eff are you replacing?

What size AC are you replacing?

Just curious, what is your electric rate?

No Bryant rebates available?

How will you filter your return air?

Post back.


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1. Cincinnati, oh
2. 2200 sq. ft two story
3. Currently have Trane contractor grade 80% 80000 btu furnace
4. Trane Xe 1000 2.5 Ton AC unit
5. I think .11
6. Already taken off the price
7. Standard filter

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TigerDunes? Anybody else have any feedback on quote? Mainly trying to understand pricing for new 80k propane furnace and heat pump.

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You are beiing oversized on furnace.

If you are unhappy with price, then get more quotes. I would say it is on high side too but not totally out of line.


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One year warranty is unacceptable! 5 years is the standard from my HVAC contractor!

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It does sound a little high. Make sure you get a heat load calculation done and more estimates.

Here is a link that might be useful: heatandcooldiy

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Harry wild a five year labor warranty might be a product specific warranty covered by a manufacturer. Or, if the costumer pays extra for it. A five yr parts warranty is not a standard in this industry and if it is offered believe me it is calculated into the original price. SOooooo your case might be an isolated event.
OP if you want cheaper equipment go down on efficiency ratings.

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