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sandra_fergusonAugust 1, 2008

I haven't ordered from this company as I just saw it advertised in the back of a knitting mag I looked at this morning, but, believe me, I'm ordering this afternoon....the prices are fabulously cheap, and they offer known brands. happy surfing!

If you want to wait till after I order, I'll be sure to post what the 'experience' is like.

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May not be as cheap as you think. You probably have to
pay shipping and handling costs. Might be cheaper to
purchase yarn at the local store and besides when you
order on line, you have to wait for it!! That is just
my opinion.

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When I can get $16.0/skein wool yarn for $2.00, THAT should be considered cheap in anyone's book! I've always had good luck ordering things from the net, and the wait has never been more than a few days.....there is just so much 'out there' for the ordering - certainly much more than is available to most, locally. Hopefully, this will be another good experience!

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Sandra, I have ordered from Smiley's a few times. The minimum order is now $40, but the last time I ordered it was $30. I seem to remember that shipping was about $10, and if you divide that by how many skeins of yarn you are purchasing, I think you will find that this is still a great deal! They do have well known brands, but the color selection is somewhat limited. I have never been disappointed with Smiley's yarns. I say go for it.

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Well, I ordered enough fabulous looking bulky weight wool yarn to make 2 long sleeved sweaters..and, enough sock yarn for a couple pairs of 'wild' socks for our daughter......shipping was, I think, around $12.00 for about 38 skeins of yarn. I can hardly wait to get it!

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wow thanks for the info!! i put it in my favs:)
living out in the country i like ordering on-line.:) ill pay just as much in gas as i would for shipping, its one thing when i have to go in town for food shopping but have to make a extra trip to go across town to wallyworld or johanns, n smiley's is cheaper! so i might save lol
it would be nice to stock :)

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I used to live within driving distance to the Smiley's store. I've been dealing with them for over 20 years. They sell good quality at great prices.

It used to be more advantageous to order online. Then they changed the policy. You used to be able to order any amount of yarn. Now it is a minimum of $40. Shipping is $12 no matter how much or how little you buy.

I've gotten away from keeping large amounts of stash on hand, so I don't order from them nearly as much as I used to. But, you have no reason to worry about them as a vendor.

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Well, I ordered the 1st, and here it is, the 6th, and my goodie box from Smiley's has arrived....can't beat the service and the wool yarn is VERY, I'm pleased and would recommend it to anyone...I'll sure be ordering again!

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Thanks for posting the site, and for following up with your experience. Now I know that I can add Smiley's to my bookmarks.


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I'm now on the track of cheap bamboo needles...I recently bought some double pointed ones, locally, and like the feel of them.......I'll let you know how things go on the 'needle trail' later....I love bargains, don't you?

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I don't like to order yarn over the computer or out of books. I am afraid it may not be as soft as I am used to. I did try some cheaper yarn years ago to make a sweater. The yarn was not as soft as the European type and the sweater stood out away from my body. That won't happen again. vique.

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Smiley's doesn't have cheap yarn......they have yarn that they sell at a low price, which is different from offering a cheap product. What I bought is carried by my local yarn shop, for a whoppin' $16.95/skein....and, I paid $2.00 for the same thing! I did order some wool yarn from China, on ebay, for an unbelievably low price...will let all know what I think of it when it arrives- it was so cheap that I don't mind taking a 'chance'..who knows - it may be great.

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$16.95 a skein!!!! Oh my gosh, I would have to sell one of my kids, and right now I think I know which one it would be. Vique.

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Vique, LOL (about the kid!)

Annie--been there, done that, seven times

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