ripple stitch in the round?

batyabethAugust 30, 2010

OK, I'm giving up and asking for help. I've been lurking here for a while from the gardening forums. I have been knitting felted bowls and they come out great. I have put in colored stripes, and now I want to put in a chevron/ripple stitch in a contrasting color. I can't find online or in my books (looked everywhere) instructions on how to knit it in the round. All I find is advice on how to change flat to round patterns, and since I have a very hard time knowing my right from my left, it confuses me terribly to "reverse" the written patterns. Don't even ask what charts do to me!

So is there anyone who has a written pattern for ^^^^ ripples or chevrons for a wide stripe around a bowl knitted in the round? The bowls are so groovy and wonderful and the cream/brown 100% wool felts up beautifully. Can you help me get groovier?

Thanks Batya

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Creative Knitting had a pattern in one of their issues recently for a ripple in the round. However, it was an afghan, so it would lay flat. But if you're going to felt it (something I've never done), you may be able to form it as a bowl.

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I have been making felted bowls from 100% untreated wool, and can easily put a stripe around it in another color. But what I want to do now is put a zigzag stripe around the bowl. Any zigzag pattern for knitting in the round would hopefully work, as long as I know the pattern numbers (like multiples of 4, etc). My bowls have different cast on amounts depending on the size, but I sorely need the basic info. I suppose that a zigzag on a sock would be similar.
Thanks again......Batya

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Ok here is how you do a small ripple in stockingette stitch.

First you have to have an even number of stitches

Ist row--knit 1 with your main color, then 1 with your contrasting color--continue all across the row.

Carry the yarn loosely at the back of the work. When you pick up your new color drop the yarn just used over the one you pick up. This will prevent a hole.

Row 2-- Purl all across with your contrasting yarn
Row 3 knit 1 contrasting then 1 with your main color.

If you ever want to do other patterns, map them out on graph paper. use x's and o's or other symbols to denote color. Never carry your yarn over more that 3 stitches. If you have to do that you'll have to add a new piece of yarm and darn in the end once it's done.

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batya, I found the idea of felted knitted bowls fascinating.How do you make yours? I thought about e-mailing you but not sure what sending it to Isreal might do.Go to for free and view the bowls they have when you searce felted knitted bowls.AWESOME!!!!!

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