help me ID these barn sale finds!

Carol_AnnAugust 8, 2007

I found some knitting needles and crochet hooks at a recent barn sale -- came away with a handful of useful needles and hooks for $2. However, there were some odd items in the bag that I can't quite figure out -- things with odd clips on the end, crochet hooks with a bend in the shaft, etc. I've posted pictures at the link below... if you have any ideas on what these things are, please let me know. Thank you!!

Here is a link that might be useful: what is this?

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Okay, I'm pretty sure the bendy ones are cable stitch holders.

I'm stumped on the others. I don't know if there is a practical purpose to the clippy guys, unless you use them when turning over a hem or something? Or maybe they are just another type of stitch holder.

The pencil shaped ones, I don't know there true intent, but may be handy if you have an itch or something while knitting.

Looks like a good haul though! Have fun with the mystery.

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Carol Ann, the pokey things, as you call them, look similar to the picks we used to get with our Knitting Knoddies. Remember the spool knitters? You would use them to pick up the yarn and put it over the nails. I really couldn't see the photo clearly of the bendy hooks. I'm fascinated, though.

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I have a crochet hook like that with the little clip at the end. Must be to attach the hook to the pattern you are using???

Cable stitch holders don't have a hook at the end.

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Carol Ann - I've made copies of your pics to take to the Sr. Center where I go once a week for crochet/knitting get together once a week. There are several women there who are in their 80s and one who is 92. They learned from their mothers and grandmothers. I would surely think that one of them has to know what these treasures are :-)

I'll try to post on Wed. afternoon.


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Everyone, thanks for the thoughts -- and Carol, I can't wait to hear your feedback! Thanks so much for that idea and taking the time and trouble!!

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Carol Ann - Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the knitting/crocheting group today. My doggie had knee surgery yesterday and I am in the battle to keep the lampshade collar on, which means an eagle eye day and night. He had gotten it off 5 or 6 times and chewed out 1/2 dozen staples before I even picked him up!! Its an exercise in persistence on both our parts!

I'm sure he will be OK by next week so that I can leave him with DH ;-)

Just wanted to let you know.

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Aww... I'm so sorry about your dog! but I hope the surgery was a success and that he's doing better -- and that persistence pays off! (for you, that is, not him!).

Don't worry about my unknowns -- if you get a chance to ask, let me know, but you have more important things to tend to right now.

Thanks for staying in touch about it, and give your doggie a little pet from me, and tell him to heal fast (and leave his staples alone!).

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Well, I didn't have much luck yesterday; the only thing(s) identified was the 4 short needles with gizmos at one end. They thought those would be for when one is knitting with 4 at a time. As for the others, no one had a clue (other than the obvious knitting needles and crochet hooks). I would suggest taking them to an independent yarn store or an antique dealer.

Sorry,I really thought they would know.

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Thanks for trying! It seems to be a puzzle for everyone -- I took them to a yarn shop this week and out of 5 people, no one knew what any of them were, except we decided that the 4 with the things on the end were actually dpn's, as you suggested... it turns out the clippy things come off! Anyway, it's a fun mystery, and I'll keep asking around and see what I find out. Thanks again, and I hope your dog is doing well!

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Carol Ann - Just had a thought: Have you posted your pics on the Antiques & collectibles forum? How about an ebay search.

Doggie gets stitches out today :-)

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Yay!! for the doggie stitch removal! I'm sure doggie and you will *both* be happy when that's done!

I did search eBay with no luck but I might not be using the right terms -- I should try again. And the antiques forum is a great idea! Thanks! :)

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Doggie has to have stitches for another week; still weepy. He is tolerating that darn collar but vet says no sleeping on the couch yet :-((

Maybe those other things aren't yarn-related; just another thought, but just put in with those that are.

Be sure to let us know what you find out.

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I believe the "pokey things with the clip" are for saving for a pocket. Putting some stitches on that needle and putting the clip on each the clip removeable?
There are lots of crafts besides paper quilling....which may be a better use for the pokey things.
Quite a haul there!
Linda C

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