What did you dream about last night?

nancybee_2010September 15, 2012

kathy's last post on the envy thread was so interesting - she dreamed about a house turning into a boat!

Do you remember what you dreamed about last night or another time?

I can't remember anything at the moment to share but sometimes they come back to me.

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Earlier this week, I had a strange dream. The only part I remember was one word/name: O'Farrell. I have no idea why, LOL!

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I have very, very vivid dreams nearly every night. Last night I dreamed I was going to buy a pastry that consisted of an almond flavored cream with red olives mixed in. Red olives??? It was $2.35 and I didn't have my cash on me so I had to go out thru the back of the store to get my wallet. Meanwhile, my husband was in the same store and he wanted to buy something (I think it was a fishing pole) but didn't want to pay full price, so he was going to offer a certain amount, then offer to trade a silver whistle. He wanted me to negotiate the trade. There was more, but it'd just bore you. My dreams are very weird.

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Pesky has hit on a great business model: a store that sells pastries and fishing poles. Can't help you with the red olives, though.


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I rarely remember my dreams plus it was so hot here last night that I didn't sleep much anyway.

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I dream almost every night, and can remember them well.

I have the worst dreams ever, and have for years.

I dreamed last night, that I went on line to pay my electric bill, and together with this month it was $1100.00.

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I dreamed my girls (both in their twenties) were little again and we lived in our last house, but it had eight bedrooms on a third floor that I had only been up to a few times in nine years.

I was worried I hadn't been dusting and found out my older daughter had made a second bedroom up there.

This is a recurring dream for years--houses with floors and rooms that aren't used or visited, also I'm still in college and I've been missing class for thirty years and I have to take an algebra test and I'm not prepared.

I also dreamed two nights ago that a local doctor, who I know through my personal trainer, and I went to Thailand to develop a freeze dried mat of broccoli heads that looked Chia Pets on Astroturf.

I have no idea what any of this means, if anything.

Sometimes I dream my dead husband comes back but he's always in his thirties when I see him.

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I often have disturbingly vivid dreams that caused me to wake up in a cold sweat. I've been caring for a cat belonging to my friends while they're on vacation, and last night I dreamed I walked into their house and found the cat dead on the floor. It was so very real - I knelt down beside the little body on the wood floor and kept shaking him, but he was cold and lifeless. This morning as I drove to my friends' house to feed kitty, I was hoping and praying that my dream wasn't some kind of omen. Thankfully, it wasn't!

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Our son will be back home here tomorrow after his year's deployment in Afghanistan and so I had a lot of little fretting dreams last night about getting everything ready for his arrival. Like what kinds of foods I want to buy at the grocery store (I dreamt of pushing a shopping cart overflowing with giant fruit); washing the bed sheets so that his bed smells extra fresh and homey; etc. In retrospect, I should have just sat up in bed and written everything down so that I didn't spend the rest of the night making a crazy, disjointed list of things needing to be done today.

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such interesting dreams, everyone!

I have a recurring dream about traveling or moving and having loads and loads of stuff to pack and not being able to get it done on time.

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Me too, Nancybee. I often have those dreams ... In one of the most recent, I was actually traveling on some sort of space shuttle and was having to rush to get everything packed. I'm always sorting through a huge pile of clothes that are scattered all around the room, trying to fit what I need into my suitcase in a hurry.

I also often dream that I'm desperate to wash my hair and take a shower, but the only facilities I can find are absolutely horrid (I'll spare you the details - raw sewage is involved!).

I think the travel/moving dream and having to hurriedly pack may be an expression of the feeling that there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do ... or possibly the bigger picture - that life is passing by so quickly, and I'm wondering if I'm "packing my case" with the right things.

(As for the raw sewage in the shower dream ... I have no idea what the could mean, but I don't think I care to dwell on it!)

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My dream last night was wacky. Yesterday I was having a discussion about the Royal's nudity and whether or not they should keep clothed in areas they know can be photographed. My female friend said "women's breasts needs to be demystified." Fun convo.

Last night I dreamed I was standing in a room with my DS's best friend. The whole time I was topless! While I was talking with the guy (he's a neighbor up the road) I noticed his eye's were on my chest, and I realized in the dream how embarrassed I was. Then I woke up. lol


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Gosh, I miss dreaming. I have a serious sleep disorder these days and never seem to fall into a deep enough sleep to dream.

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I dreamed I was in a restaurant with someone (can't remember who) and there were people at a few other tables. There was a young man in the restaurant who would run up to people and stab them in the cheek with a ball point pen. Everyone just sort of "shooed" him away with no sense of urgency, even though more and more people were bleeding. It was very, very strange.

I should also add that I seldom if ever see my DH in my dreams. We've been married almost ten years, and I actually feel bad that I can't tell him about a dream by saying "we were at a restaurant. . ." Because apparently I'm with him in his dreams all the time. On a few occasions I have "added" him when retelling the story.

Now I feel worse :(

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Gold, I'd give almost anything not to dream. There have been nights when I'd say, "Please don't let me dream!" lol.

I go through spurts of intense nightmares to things which are told to me in my sleep and they come true.

Even as a kid I had this one recurring nightmare for years.

Great, now I'm singing to myself, "I'm a dreamer, I'm a toker, I'm a midnight smoker..." LOL

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What an interesting thread!

When my friend started her thyroid medication she began having very intense dreams every night. I rarely dream but when I do they stick with me.

The other night I had a dream about a spider in my house. When I notice it on the floor it looked straight up at me. It imprinted on me like a baby duck to it's mother. It started running towards me and trying to jump on me. I ran through the house to get a way from it but it would dart under doors as I closed them.

I called my exterminator the next day


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Oakley, do some people call you "Maurice?" LOL! Now I have that song in my head!

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Oh my gosh Jennifer...that made me crack up!

I've had recurring themes for years and I have been writing down my dreams and rereading them later. When I reread them, I completely recall the dreams-even a year later. Crazy! Most of my recurring dreams involve me having to lead a group of people from some monsters and there is a another group who thinks they know better and they do the opposite of my group and they always end up meeting their demise. I am always mad in these dreams, resentful that I have to lead or care for people. When I have these dreams I know I have to go do something for myself to let off steam.

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Last night was another dream where a "message" was sent to me. One sentence was spoken to me out of the blue.

Then I wake up, get coffee and watch one of the morning shows. The subject of the message was in the news.

I have to take it seriously. Several times now I've had these dreams and they're freaky because they come true!

Kelp, who is Maurice?

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I dreamed that I was living in an old run down type house in the city and I came home and there was a man in the house taking things - and I got so angry I said to him "show me what you took" and it was stupid things like camera batteries and a screw driver etc. Then after I got him to leave, 3 girls walked in the back door and started walking around and they wouldn't leave and I was getting so angry! Of course my golden doodle was in the dream, following me around and not being at all helpful in getting these people out of my house!!

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Oakley, it's another line from that same song. Now we'll never get rid of it!

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Demi, i too have dreamt many times about living in homes with forgotten wIngs....usually consisting of bedrooms.
The discovery brings a neutral to pleasant , semi -surprised feeling ....'oh yeah!'' kind of thought.

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martinca and demi, I've had recurring dreams too about my house having unexpected rooms. Sometimes they're beautiful, sometimes decrepit. I've read that these rooms can represent parts of ourselves.

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Ohhh, nancy, very interesting. Mine are always the same: i discover, or remember i have this extra space behind a door. It's dimly seen as an addition out over the garage, spacious , with bedrooms. The discovery is pleasing, though not thrilling. Hmmmmm.
This is fun. Dh groans, rightfully so, over my drream tales.

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I have extremely vivid and weird dreams. I can also lucid dream to a certain extent. I started blogging about them so that I'd have a record of all the weird stuff my brain makes up.

Here is a link that might be useful: My dream blog.

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At times of great stress in my life, I have horrible dreams, I guess you could call them nightmares. I almost would rather stay awake than have those kinds of dreams. In the past, certain medication brought them on.

One recurring dream I had for awhile was after my job was eliminated. I dreamed that I kept going to work and people kept saying "doesn't she know she doesn;t work here any more?" Thank goodness that dream has faded away.

Very often the theme of my dreams is that something is stopping me from getting out of the house or getting where I want to be. I lose my keys or my feet get stuck in mud, something like that. It's mostly that another person is keeping me from getting out of the house by somehow getting in the way or pestering me.

The brain is a very weird place!

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Have any of you had the dream where you dream you're awake, but you know you're realy asleep and it's a dream?

This would only happen to me when I was home alone in the afternoon and took a nap. Constantly. I've never napped alone in the house again.

The floors would be crooked, and in the dream I'd keep telling myself to wakeup. Freakin' scary!

Last night was kind of a funny dream because of what I saw on the news. They did a story about how bad the smoke is in the NW because of the fires, and how the smoke was spreading all the way to CO.

I dreamt I was walking to the mail box and huge black plumes of smoke was blowing across the driveway. So I started running to the mailbox but I wasn't getting anywhere. lol

I do wish I still had those dreams where I could fly or jump really high. Those were fun!

I'll tell you about my horrid recurring dream when I was about 5 yrs. old later. I remember it vividly and I still wonder if it had meaning?

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Okay, last night I dreamed about cooking fish. I know why but it's a long and not interesting story.

I love those flying dreams, too. I dream that I start to run fast. My legs are kind of going in circles like a cartoon character, maybe the roadrunner. When I do that I fly along above the ground. I wish I could really do that.

Stay away from those man-eating black smoke clouds, Oakley!

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oakley, you have a vivid way of expressing yourself! Can't wait to hear about your 5-year old dream.

dedtired, I haven't had the flying dream but I've had one where I was dancing and leaping- it was fun. (I can't dance at all in real life).

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ded, I haven't had a flying dream in years, but every few years I still get the bouncing one. It's such a happy dream!

Nancy, starting about age 5, I dreamt my mom, brother and I were sitting on the sofa in the den. The sofa had 3 cushions. Mom would tell me if I even touched the cushion next to me I had to go to my room! And of course I always touched it.

Once I got to my room, it was dark in there and a strange man came in and would tickle me so hard I finally had to wake up. This lasted for a long long time. If a person could die of tickling, that's how I felt in my dream.

I've never tickled my kid's because of that!

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