chriztyAugust 11, 2008

lol im so addicted to blocks! right now im doing the basketweave pattern. [pics in gallery]

im a beginer knitter so i find these are easy to do n make a nice on the go project, this is going to be my first project ill finish! i tried to do a hole afghan but it didnt work out, i would mess up n not know how to fix it n have to undo the hole thing, with blocks if i mess up its only one block:) i am learning to fix my mess ups:)

when im done making the blocks ill put them all together.

im wondering if there are others who have done blocks?

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It is a little sketchy doing blocks if you are a beginner. I have had beginning knitting and crocheting frieds do this only to discover when the blocks are done that they have trouble assembling the project. It has turned out that as they made their afghan, their skills improved and their gauge or tension changed/developed. The first blocks turned out to be a whole lot tighter or looser than the majority of the blocks, and they would not make up into a nice, even afghan. So be aware of any problems developing that way.

I know you will enjoy knitting. I love to spend the late evening hours watching my tv shows and knitting something every day. Very relaxing. Come to this site with any questions you have. We all learn and share here.

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thanks sheilajoyce
yep i think putting them together is going to be the tricky part.i will be using the same color yarn to put them together so hopefully i can fix any mess ups n no one will notice to much.:) im also keeping extra yarn just in case a block is a proublem i can always put it up n make another that would fit better.

i like to sit in the evenings n knit too, its nice n relaxing after a long day :)

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If your blocks all end up being different sizes and not good for an afghan, then just use them as washcloths, dischloths or stitch a couple same sized ones together (back to back) and turn them into potholders. I've been using cotton yarn and making tons of washcloths lately. They're fun, easy, useful, and make great gifts. Plus you don't get bored because they're so fast. So try doing your blocks in cottons!

In case you haven't found it yet, there's a site with tons of washcloths that make great blocks. Plus tons of other patterns.

Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting Pattern Central

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thanks for the link Robin! :)
i put two rows together n it didnt look to bad,
lol they also make good cat pads/beds! i often have to shoo my cats off them :)

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