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rebecca3142January 19, 2014

I am having a minor saga with my kitchen cabinets. I found the local company I would like to work with, and they have a team of salespeople.

Salesperson #1 - She did a design for my kitchen, but she doesn't work there anymore (I think she got fired...and I didn't care for her anyways).

So I got shifted to salesperson #2 - very nice guy, gave me some revisions I asked for. Sometimes the communication wasn't terrific, but nothing that would make me walk away.

I had some questions this week, and I got placed on the phone with salesperson #3 (long-story). I felt that I had a really great rapport with him, and he gave extremely detailed information. More than anyone else. He also does a lot of work in my neighborhood, and I would love to work with someone who knows the style of the area (lots of historic/old homes) and deals with challenges of these homes.

So I want to work with salesperson #3, but I feel bad since salesperson #2 was helpful for me and technically has spent more time for me at this point. I assume that they are commission based.....am I being a big jerk by switching at this point?

Thank you!

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May want to check out comission policy. Was in a similar situation at one place and found out person #1 (who I didn't really like) gets the commission - no matter who finalizes my design work & places the order. I thought this was not fair to the salesperson who did all the work.

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Even if #3 doesn't get the commission, if he does a good job you'll tell lots of other people about your experience. The referrals will help build his clientele down the road.

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If you were single and dating you wouldn't feel bad for #2 and you'd be going out with #3. Same here.

The fairness or lack thereof of their commission system is none of your concern.

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Awkward but you are hiring someone. Design work on your house is not a small matter and you will be living with it for many years. It also affects the value of your home. Choose who you think is most qualified and who you can best communicate and work with.

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I had to do a very awkward changing of salespeople about 3/4 of the way through the process. It felt a bit uncomfortable at the time but I can tell you that in hindsight I have absolutely ZERO regrets. My working relationship was so much better and therefore my end result was superior to what it would have been otherwise. This isn't buying a pair of jeans, or even a refrigerator. These people (and their ability to work with you) can really improve the end result and you want to do everything in your control to stack the deck in your favor!

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i would have an upfront talk with #3 and tell him what you are thinking and why. He knows the company and may be able to guide you through the process of changing sales people. I worked with someone who was (unknown to me) thinking about quitting the company. She did the bare minimum and didn't understand old houses at all. I kept trying to work with her because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. What a dope! I got what I wanted eventually, but probably would have a much better kitchen if I'd searched for someone who was more motivated to help.

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Talk with both, maybe together. Just speaking with 3 puts them in an awkward position, just 2 may get resistance. I worked at a place with multiple designers and it happens occasionally. Some people approached the owner which is easier for the client but not real popular with the KDs ( either of them)

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Thanks everyone! That was obviously my gut instinct, but it is so helpful to get this perspective.

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