need to go faster

illigarAugust 9, 2006

I have been crocheting for 30 years.

I can go pretty fast and make those bed dolls in 3 days.

The ones with pillow base and thats including the hand sewing of the lace.The dolls stand 13-15" tall.Like Audry from fiber craft...Anyway thats not fast enough for me.

With any kind of wearables I can't really change hook size or stitch as it wont fit properlly.I have sort cutted and used dc vs hdc for pillows and slips but the dresses

end up done before the third over ruffle is added cant really short cut the dress.

Just need to go faster....

Any tips will be greatly appreciated.I thought to drop crochet and start looming or sewing.

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Hi, I had the same dilemma (though I've been crocheting about 10 years now), I actually accidently posted in this site's knitting Gallary area about wishing to buy a knitting machine. I bought the "Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine" from Micheals - about $200 - and it really nipped my need for speed in the bud. I'm now working on a blanket for my DD's single bed (bunches of squares sewn together) and I've really taken to the "eyelet lace" stiches that remind me of crochet lace like holes - lol - ironically the machine is worked slower to make the holes because of hand manipulation, in fact the more intricate the patterns, the more you have to slow down the machine. Btw 30 years is quite a long time on one hobby, perhaps you will enjoy another related hobby. You could even do both at the same time e.g. use crochet to embellish. And sewn cloth dolls are really wonderful. Good luck with what ever you decide.

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