help! does pvc underground hvac vent pipes carcinogenic?

NikkicatsApril 15, 2012

We are suppose to pour our new home 1st floor (no basement) concrete tomorrow 16apr over the HVAC venting pipes. But... Saw today that they used huge 10" PVC venting pipes to heat/cool the rooms. I read PVC contains BPA! Will it be released into the air I breath with all the moisture laidened heated and cooled air? Is this safe? It is a full ICF home so it is REALLY tightly sealed with a metal roof. I need the answer tonight. I am desperate for help! Thank you.

P.s. My builder is touted to be a Green builder (not). They didn't even ask us if this would be a concern. This 1st floor level is being heated with the ducts coming up from the floor since we were told it was a better heating solution for this floor. We live in Ohio

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It's not any worse to breathe than it is to drink, and that's where all your water comes from.

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Are they using PVC for (water) supply lines? I have PVC waste lines and copper supply lines.

Wouldn't surprise me: everything has been cheapened down these days.


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Well, even if you put copper in your own home (a waste of money) the municipality runs their mains in PVC. You're not getting away from it unless you dig your own well and use galvanized to run everything. and then some alarmist will start a thread about the dangers of zinc to your health. (Which would be a more realistic scenario than the PVC one.) Anyone want to talk about the gummint 'speriment in mind control by putting fluoride in the water?

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