My central AC won't start

Lanjin86April 16, 2012

I can't start AC today. The furnace blower and outside fan don't move at all. Feels like no response. Few facts:

- The furnace was replaced last winter. We did not test the AC since it was cold

- I vaguely remember we did a quick test of turning on AC few weeks back and it worked...

- Tonight, I can turn on heat and it works fine. I also turned on and off AC switch board few times and no luck.

The AC is 15+ years old. Before I call someone, is there anything I can try out?

Thanks in advance,

- Lan

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Check breaker panel for tripped AC circuit.

Could be a faulty thermostat, loose wire connection.

The possibilities are numerous.

However, the fact that blower works in heating mode is a good sign.


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I switched off main circuit breaker for 15 min and turned it back on, no luck. The fans did not start. Yes at least the blower works in heating mode which is good. I might need to have someone to check the wiring part.

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Turn off the main breaker for 24 hours and If nothing happens call a technician.

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You might want to consider calling the company that put in your furnace. did the A/C worked before you replaced the furnace? If it does, the people who put in the furnace could accidently wired the 24v wires incorrectly in the furnace. Your furnace controls the A/C also.

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Will blower fan run if u set thermostat to "on" or run instead of auto? The blower fan is separate from outside condenser fan but we all know that. Seems vague when folks say "fan" runs. Which fan?

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sounds like he fixed it.

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