crochet popcorn stitch

delightfulgardenAugust 20, 2006

Hi, Need help with instructions of a filet crochet pattern from 1947. This is the first row: dc 8th chain from hook, ch 2.......etc (pc st made), ch 1, now here's where I'm confused - DC IN NEXT DC (PC BL MADE); DC IN NEXT 12 CH (4 BLS MADE), 1 PC BL, MAKE 5 SPS, 1 PC BL, 5 BLS ...........

How/ where do I DC IN NEXT DC right after a popcorn stitch when I'm working on the 1st row which is chain stitches - is it some where in the popcorn stitch? And 12 dc makes up 4 blocks BLS; are blocks consisting of 3 dc each so I'd do 15 dc for 5 blocks? I'd consider myself an intermediate but this has me stumped, plus it's my first filet crochet.


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I think they made a mistake. DC in the next chain. Otherwise, I think you got it.

I assume one filet square is made of 3 stitches; therefore, the block is the solid square made of 3 dc, and the opposite of the open square or space (which must be dc, ch, dc). They have chosen a rather awkward way to write the pattern. I prefer crocheting filet patterns from graphs.

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Thanks sheilajoyce. It probably is a typo. I'm working on another bedspread from a vintage pattern and instead of saying alternate with 3 dc, then popcorn st to the end of the row it is written out each and every time the stitch is made. This filet pattern is a bedspread with diamond shapes and I'm hoping to make the panel into a valance for my bed to go with a Quilted Diamonds bedspread - also in the process of making.

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Good for you. Sounds like a pretty set. I have wondered about making a filet valance or curtain for the bathroom window, but never found a pattern that suited me and the window.

I have to finish a long banquet cloth in filet that I have been working on and off on for over 2 years. --Busy knitting and crocheting for first grandbaby now. --But the cloth needs about 18 inches more, and there is a mistake that keeps throwing the pattern off as it narrows to the oval end. I was going to try to figure how and where I put two extra squares or so into the row, but now I think I will just try to continue to fudge it till it is done. With each row, the error becomes more obvious to me as the oval narrows.

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