Looking for a pattern of the Last Supper

lilbj48August 31, 2008

Does anyone still have any Magic Crochet magazines? I am looking for the pattern of the Last Supper. It came out in the Dec. 1990 #69 issue. I'm willing to buy the magazine from you unless you can scan the pattern and email it to me!

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If you do a simple google search, using this as the subject
"magic chrochet" +magazine +#69 you'll find a site that offers it for sale for, I think it was $4.50


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lilbj48, if you will e-mail me, I may be able to help you. I'm unable to scan the pattern, but do have the magazine. Thanks. brenoreo@valornet.com

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I have the pattern you're looking. If you haven't received it let me know.
Linda from PA

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Thank you so much for all your responses to my request for the "Last Supper" pattern! I actually received a few of them, one by mail even!!!!! You are all so great!
Now, I have another request; it's a pattern for a round tablecloth with 12 panels, ending with a rose and another kind of flower alternately. I crocheted this back in the 80's and can't remember if it was from MC or DC magazine. Some ladies are already looking for it, but haven't had any luck so far.
Once again, thanks for all your help. Happy crocheting/knitting!

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