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prtyof4April 2, 2012

Planning on two 2.5 ton Xl15i dual fuel heat pumps and furnaces. We are in north GA with about 2700 sq ft, but a sunroom that pulls a lot of daytime heat. Manual J had a total heat gain of 53,800 and heat loss of 91,299.

The specs are:

Trane XL15i Heat Pump System

4TWX5030 Heat Pump

4TXCB031BC Evaporator Coil

TUD2B060A9V36 Furnace

We want to get the most efficient coil and thermostat for the system.

Please advise if these seem to be the best choices for our application. we have ruled out the XL16i based on some of the info gained from here and appreciate the help!! We also were advised that we could zone a 5 ton system, but that did not seem the best way to go either.

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According to my research, the evap coil quoted is not an AHRI match.

Do you have your load calcs broken out for each zone? If so, please post.

Furnace quoted is the XV80 model, 80% eff two stg var speed 60K size.

For thermostat, you want a dual fuel two stg thermostat with outdoor sensor for each system. My recommendation is latest model HW VP IAQ. This gives you DOD feature, dehumidify on demand for best dehumidification in AC cooling. I also recommend a good whole house air filter cabinet for each system. Trane Perfect Fit or HW mdl #200.

To clarify, this will be replacement systems or for new construction?

I can make coil selection if you like but this of course should be reviewed with your installing dealer.

You could save a little money with Trane's XR15 HP condenser. Major difference here is the proprietary funky top on the XL15i condenser and extra 2 yrs on compressor warranty.

I am very familiar with your location and climate.


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Yea! I was hoping you would answer this : )

The second floor is 22,869 for heat gain and 37,743 for total heat loss and the first floor is 30,934 for total heat gain and 53,488 for total heat loss. We have a large foyer open to the second floor.
This is a replacement system for an 18 year old, 8 seer trane system.
Filter suggested is an Aprilaire 5 inch.
Would love a suggestion on the best coil and what is would cost, approximately if that info is available - - I never realized there were different coils that could make a unit more efficient!!!

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Who provided you the load calcs? Do you have them in writing on the software letterhead? Are they broken out room by room?

The reason I ask is I find the heating load highly suspect unless your home has poor building and insulation qualities.

It should be pointed out that the cooling load for lower zone is tight on cooling BTUs for a 2 1/2 ton and you could probably take a two ton for upper floor. What size do you have now? With that said, I would go with a 2 1/2 ton for downstairs, 2 ton upstairs. I would like to know though what size you have now.

Evap coil choices for 2 1/2 ton XL15i or XR15 in order of preference

evap coil choices for 2 ton XL15i or XR15 in order of preference

Prices will vary so I am not going to comment. However I will say a good dealer will not quibble over price and let a job like this fall by the wayside. Be nice but firm.

And yes coil selection does make a difference as to performance/efficiency numbers.

I prefer the Trane Perfect FIt filters over the AprilAire. Reason? They fit the furnace like a hand should fit a glove-tight and very neat.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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We do have the load calcs and they are broken out by room, the software used was: HVAC-Calc Residential 4.0 by HVAC Computer Systems Ltd.. We currently have a 2 ton unit down and a 2.5 unit upstairs. The sales rep is attempting to address the approx. 10x13 breakfast room which has 8 single pane windows and 2 skylights right off the kitchen and gets verrrryyy warm in the summer (we usually close the thermal lined roman shades during the day if it is very warm)- so the extra .5 tom is for this along with high velocity registers into the sunroom....all windows in the house are single pane. We do plan to add additional insulation to bring the attic to R38, it is currently about R22 so that should also help.

Thanks so much for the info, we will ask for a quote with the "best coil".

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Oh, and does anyone know the cost of the 10 year warranty from TRANE - is it a set cost or different from dealer to dealer and do you have to buy it at time of purchasing the equipment....does it run concurrently with the compressor etc warranty? Worth getting or not?

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Trane's 10 yr Ext labor warranty should be up to and no more than 10% of the purchase price of the system.

So for example. If system cost $6500, then no more than $650.

Worth it? Like all insurance, it is never worth it until you need it.

I have the Trane ext warranty on my home's 7 yr old system and have yet to use it. But I also had it on a rental property system and one problem was covered and more than paid for the warranty.


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