Where to put InstaHot/Cold: Main sink or Island/Veggie Sink?

akcorcoranJanuary 20, 2013

We're putting in an insta hot/cold faucet for some refreshing water options and are having a debate.

I thought it would be nice to put it with the veggie sink on the island because it's easier to access and it's a sink that will always be relatively clean (e.g. there might be dishes in the sink.)

My contractor thinks we should put it by the main kitchen sink to keep a cleaner line by the veggie sink on the island.

Your thoughts, especially from anyone who has one in their home?


P.S. We are also putting in a wet bar and putting one there but it's a clip from the casual hang-out area.

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I don't have a separate faucet, but used an inline water filter on the cold water line to provide filtered drinking water without the countertop visual mess. I decided to outfit that on the cleanup sink on the perimeter because I knew I did NOT want people just hankering for a glass of water to be interfering with my prep and cooking zone actions. I wanted the fridge foragers and water boys on the periphery from me and out of my way.

Plus, my prep sink cab isn't large so I wanted to simplify the plumbing under there was I already had a GD, air switch and Tapmaster.

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We have only one sink. But one thing that the insta hot is good for is cleaning. Run hot water into a dirty pot to have it soak--shorten cleaning time. That's one reason to put it at the cleanup sink.

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Prep sink.

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We just thought about the same decision - are going with the main sink bc of the visual clutter factor on the prep sink/ island.

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I would never put cold water at the prep sink since I want to keep family water-getters and snackers out of my prep zone. Cleanup sink for sure.

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It depends on the layout. With 3 sinks, the one at the bar may be sufficient if it's the snack zone/breakfast area. That is the primary usage of instant hot. If the snack zone in your kitchen will end up using the cleanup sink most often, then I'd put it there. I would NOT want it on the prep sink with people pushing their way into the space with knives and boiling water just to make a cup of tea. At the cleanup, it will be close enough to draw a half pot of hot water to boost the pasta boil, etc.

So, post your layout if you want the best suggestions for location. Without that, all anyone can do is guess based on their own layout and experiences.

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I struggled with this decision myself because i can see myself wanting to get hot water from the prep sink for cooking soups. But I decided to put the instahot on the main sink which was larger. I felt the larger sink would accomodate two faucets better visually than a smaller sink. Also, we could fix tea or get drinking water at the main sink and keep traffic away from the prep sink which will be devoted to washing veggies and meats, etc.. the instahot at the main sink will also come in handy when handwashing dishes since i like to disinfect the scrubby brush.

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I went through debate as well. For cleaning reasons, the main sink. ALSO, at my prep sink there simply wasn't room for the regular faucet AND instahot faucet. THey are kind of bulky. Maybe if I didn't do the soap dispenser.

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Thanks, all -

I think we'll go with the main sink and maybe I'll get the sink that is sort of shaped to accommodate that extra faucet (Yep, still haven't picked that out yet.)

The main reason that we're going with one in the kitchen and one in the wet bar is that after having 20 years of freezers with no ice maker and certainly no water dispenser, I am giving up my lifelong dream of having a dispenser in the door because we're getting an 32" all fridge/all freezer set. I know there is raging debate about the usefulness of ice/water in the door but I loved that cold, cold water. So, I want it in my kitchen AND the wet bar - it's a modified version of my dream. :-)

I'd probably put an insta cold in my master bath if I could- hey, hmmmm....

If anyone has their insta hot or hot/cold and would like to post a picture, I'd love it. I'm trying to find a faucet for the hot/cold that doesn't look like bunny ears. Just makes me giggle. :-)

Thanks, everyone!

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