can't figure this stitch out

artistknitterJuly 27, 2010

I am trying out a new sweater and I am having trouble with the basic stitch. When I knit rows 3 and 4, I seem to be knitting the same row, even though the directions are different. Can anyone help me? Here is the basic stitch

Basic patt:

1st row: K. 2nd row: K. 3rd row: edge st, * K1, 1 st below (=

insert needle into foll st 1 row below and K), rep from *. 4th

row: edge st, * with right-hand needle pick up the yarn at front

of st below and K tog with st, K1, rep from *, edge st. 5th row:

edge st, * 1 st below, K1, rep from *, edge st. 6th row: edge st,

* K1, with right-hand needle pick up yarn at front of st below

and K tog with st, rep from *, edge st. Rep rows 3 - 6 for patt. P

edge sts on right side and wrong side rows

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Yes When you do this pattern, on the 3rd row, you are in fact knitting into the second row and adding a stitch when you knit into the row below. It looks like you do this throughout the pattern. Then you take off that stitch when you knit 2 together on the 4th row. I'm thinking this pattern will result in long stitches.

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