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Carol_AnnJuly 5, 2007

I always do volunteer work, so it's natural that I want to add some sort of help with my knitting.

I've seen several websites that promote good causes.

Any favorites, and why? What have you done? Patterns? (I know, sometimes a particular charity has specific requirements, but if not....)

Thanks! I love the idea of helping with something that at the same time brings me pleasure anyway. I love the idea that I can actually be helping someone.

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Hi Carol Ann,

I have heard (and will be doing some) that children's hospitals need baby & children blankets and stuffed toys. The toys and blankets help relax the children and because of the expenses-the parents can't afford to buy them tons of toys.
Most cities have a children's hospital but I bet all hospitals would appreciate things.
Then there are the nursing homes (older people tend to get very cold-even in the summer) and some older people are abandoned by their families :(
Then there are the men and women in the armed forces-I was there once and their blankets are scratchy and not all that warm.
These are Just a few thoughts.

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I also was making helmet liners for the military in the middle east. They shave their heads (to avoid the crud) and like to wear the liners to sleep, or sitting around off duty. (But not in the summer, I would guess.) Some local military wives were knitting tan hats, and I sent some to them that I made.

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through work we've done the Warm-up America afghans and last year did Caps for Kids. While this are great, I also like to do something locally so I make premmie hats and donate to the local hospital. My cousin does lapghans for a local nursing home and wants me to start doing that with her.

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carol ann - Hospital nurseries need pretty baby afghans as some new moms can't afford anything more than necessities, if that. Nursing homes need lapghans, about 32 to 36 inches square so they don't get caught in wheelchair wheels, as well as larger afghans. What Leslie said is so true; some patients have no one. Homeless centers/soup kitchens, etc. can always use hats and scarves. I've been concentrating on the lapghans, and on childrens' afghans for the domestic violence center.

The only two types I make are either 1 large granny square (using 2 or more colors) or varying dimensions, using only double crochet and adding a shell border. The baby ones for the newborns I make in any pastel and make a bit of a lacy trim with white yarn. The fun has been in using different colors, especially the varigated yarns. I try to get all yarn when its on sale at AC Moore and with their coupons when not on sale. Garage sales are good places to find yarn, and you might try Freecycle. Get the word out to friends, and you will get yarn.

I use Red Heart supersaver and Caron one-pounder acrylic worsted, as THEY MUST ALL BE WASHABLE AND NON-ALLERGENIC. They do soften after washing, but I use very little soap and no softener. The odor was too strong and you have to be careful about allergies.

DH is an amateur painter and donated a couple of dozen paintings of his (landscapes, birds, flowers) to the nursing home which is part of our local hospital. The rec director was tickled to get them as those who have no family also have no decorations or things to liven up the rooms.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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wantoretire - I was interested to read your post; I've made a couple of lapghans in a square and hoped would be suitable. I think I made them 30" - 32" square or 36" square at the most (I've put them away until after summer - I still have to call around and see if any local nursing home would want them).
I wonder if I could ask that the lapghans go to those who don't have anyone.
I had a bunch of leftover yarn hanging around and thought the laghans would be a good use.

I make hats & scarves and send to different charities.

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Gardenway - FYI - the day I took some to the nursing home it was hotter than the devil outside, but they had the AC running and the people I saw in wheelchairs were using lapghans and/or blankets. Why not check with them now? One NH I checked with didn't need them; the next one (part of the hospital) was ever so grateful, and preferred them out of heavier yarn (not soft baby-type yarn).

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wantoretire, You're right - I completely forgot about the A/C. The ones I've made are of worsted weight yarn so should be okay.

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Can I make a request for blankets on behalf of Project Linus? We are a national organization that provides blankets to children in need. There are chapters in every state; perhaps there is even one in your area.

We have given blankets to children in hospitals, in foster care, those who are victims of natural disaster, and whose parents are in the armed services.

The blankets can be of almost any size and material - they can be knitted, crocheted, quilted, sewn, or tied fleece. Please consider making Project Linus a part of your charitable giving.

Visit our national website and find the chapter closest to you by clicking on Chapter Listings.

Thank you very much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Project Linus

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I make baby caps for is a project started by one of the mothers of a military man who was killed over in Afganistan. She collects the caps and then sends them onto places in need..some have gone to Afganistan and others have been donated to various missions overseas. Each is labeled with the makers name and a Canadian flag and the other side has the nickname of the soldier and a small explaination of the what/why/who of the project. Basically it is in memory of this young man who gave so much. Last count I read in the local paper they had shipped out over 9000 caps and blankets. I personally do not know the mother but have made almost 300 so far......I have received some nice notes from the mom thanking me for my efforts. To me it is a non-intrusive way to let people know we care and share their grief. Budster

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Here is the link for the one I use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soldier's Angels/Blankets of Hope

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Check out - they have a huge list of charity crafting links. The site hasn't been updated in a while, but the links still work.

There have been a lot of great ideas suggested already. You could pick a charity based on what you enjoy knitting - socks, hats, scarves, blankets, etc... or based on who you want to help - babies, kids, the homeless, soldiers, etc.

A neat group that hasn't been mentions is the Red Scarf Project. The Orphan Foundation of America sends hand made red (or pretty much anything unisex) scarves in Valentine's care packages to kids who have aged out of the foster care system and are enrolled at a college or trade school.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Scarf Project

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carol_ann, I am involved in the Prayer Shawl Ministry at my church. We make shawls of all sizes for people in our congragation/community that are ill or going through a difficult time. We have a meeting once a month and work on the shawls, pray over the shawls, then give them to the person. We are keeping a scrapbook of all of our shawls with a picture of the person when we are presenting the shawl to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prayer Shawl Ministry

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Carol Ann, I see you also asked for a link to patterns. I use the link below quite often. It's mostly for babies and preemies, but, if I remember correctly, has a few other patterns, also. It also gives measurements. You can then give them to the baby charity of your choice, be it the Linus project, Touching Little Lives, or just your local hospital baby department. The patterns also cover knit, crochet, and sewing.

Mkernoff, on behalf of my now almost 5 year old nephew, thank you. He received a Project Linus blanket to bring home.


Here is a link that might be useful: charity baby patterns

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Here are many more patterns in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crochet Pattern Central - Lots and lots of patterns

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Carol Ann,

Another link is They do premie hats for hospitals all around the country. The pattern is so easy - you can make one in less that 2 hours. Great way to use up yarn.

I've also started a prayer shawl ministry at my church and that is another way to use up yarn and the response has been overwhelming. As an adventuresome project, we even knitted our minister a stole to wear Sunday mornings. It incorporated all the colors of the liturgical calendar. It was a community effort.

I don't know where you are located, but there is a gal in Massachusetts - She prepares backpacks for foster children that include hats, mittens, scarves plus school supplies. I have sent her many hats made from leftover yarns.

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Guideposts has a wonderful Sweaters for kids ministry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knit for kids

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