What a surprise!

RustyApril 5, 2013

The very generous Teresa-mn is at it again!

Found a package waiting for me
When I got home Wednesday evening.
And look what it contained!

Isn't it great? ? ?
Along with two (yes, TWO)
good sized zip lock bags of wild rice.
I just love that stuff!

And I love LOVE this cute little pan!
Just the right size for me.

Now, which recipe shall I try first? ? ? ?
Decisions, decisions!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Teresa !
You are the best!


(Edited to change day of arrival,
My week has been a bit hectic.)

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how nice!

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Surprise to you, but not to me.

Teresa is well known for her kindness and generosity.


BTW, looking at that cute pan, I wonder if I can use mine to make spherical ice cubes (balls)

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Great gifts and a very nice surprise! Enjoy!

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That is a great looking pan. Teresa was very good to you.

I'm eager to see what you make with it. Don't make us wait too long. :-)


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There was all that talk about aebleskivers last weekend....... it caused me to make an unplanned trip to the Nordic Ware Outlet store..... and I just could not help myself!

Jimster and I are waiting for you to post your first batch Rusty. I am tempted to make some tonite for dinner.

We will be waiting!


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I went to my niece Kristina's house tonite. She lives 20 minutes away and I offered to watch my two great nephews while she ran some errands.

I brought the mini skiver pan and whipped up a batch. I used a simple recipe - the one I use when I make a Dutch baby. They turn out hollow and are perfect for filling. And what do you suppose a 5 and a 7 year old wanted piped into their skivers? Good thing I thought ahead and stopped for a can of whipped cream. No pictures - they were eating them faster than I could squirt whipped cream into them. :-)


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LOL dcarch!
Teresa's kindness & generosity wasn't the surprise.
The pan and generous amount of wild rice was!

And yes, I can see how you could make 'ice balls' with it.
And no, I'm not going to try it.

Now I must confess.
I have never made or even eaten an Aebleskiver before.
In fact, I'd never even heard of them
before reading about them on this forum.
They sound intriguing and delicious.
So I am really anxious to make some!

I've read all the recipes I can find,
I've watched all the videos Dcarch linked to.
And hopefully, later this week I will get brave!

I do want them to be hollow, not cake like.
I've read how to fill them as they cook,
But Teresa's 'trick' of piping the filling in sounds good, too.
I can just see those two little boys' happy faces
As they devoured those 'skivers'.

Most of you know, I have never done food pictures.
But Teresa, and Jimster, I promise,
I will (try) to post some if (and that is a great BIG if)
They come out anywhere near right!

Thanks again, Teresa!


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So you had never even heard of aebleskivers until reading about them here. Isn't this forum great!

And now you are equipped to become a master aebleskiveler - not sure that is even a word. :-)

We don't care if the pictures are good. No one starts out being the perfect photographer. BTW the picture of the pan looks great!


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Round ice balls are very desirable for bars.

If you have way to make crystal clear ice balls, you will be rich.


Here is a link that might be useful: ice ball

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