Anyone here knit with a glove on?

socksJuly 12, 2009

I've seen those gloves for people with arthritis (no fingers on the glove). The first knuckle on my left hand is sure giving me trouble, and I wonder if those gloves help or not. I'd like to start another pr. of socks today but know I should let my hand rest a couple days.

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OK, I've modified my knitting style so I don't use the finger with the sore knuckle. It's awkward, but less pain in the pointer finger. So I'm not going to worry about the gloves.

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Socks, are you refering to Hand Eze gloves? I have a pair ('bout worn out now!). I get pain & numbness in my thumbs and sometimes fingers when I knit & crochet. They help some, but I still have to take frequent breaks and stretch my hands & wrists.


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Yes, Msmeow, I was thinking of something like that. But I'm ok for the moment advancing the knitting on the left needle with my second finger instead of the pointer. It's a little awkward, but I'm still knittin'!

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I knit and work on the computer with fingerless gloves on all winter and part of summer. I started with the latex gloves you can buy through Lion Brand's website, but since I've made several pair of knit fingerless mitts. Those that fit snugly seem to help the arthritis the best and don't get in the way of knitting. It's a joy to knit again. Good luck.

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I've been thinking about knitting with a glove on too, but mostly because whenever I knit with dpn's they dig into my hand in one spot that gets painful after a little bit. I know it's the way I'm holding the needles and perhaps if I got longer needles it wouldn't be an issue...but I don't want longer needles! Are the gloves thick enough to help with my pokey needles do you think? I do have arthritis in my wrist but as long as I don't take a long break from knitting (like a week or two), they stay pretty flexible.


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