thread holder for huge cones of crochet thread.....

krissie55July 2, 2014

The local charity mission received several HUGE CONES (7"x8") of yarn like crochet thread and gave to me to make baby blankets.

Thread needs to be pulled straight up above the cones and then over to me. Without a thread stand there is a drag coming off the cones and over my legs making it hard to crochet.

Looked for something to make a thread holder and ran across an almost new potty chair of my D-I-L's stored for many years. The baked on finish on the frame is slick as glass.

I put the frame together minus the seat part and use it to hold the thread higher than my lap. (looks similar to a walker sitting in front of my recliner). Hopefully no one will recognize the original purpose of the frame!!

Thread cones are kept in an egg crate on the floor directly below a cross bar of the "new" thread holder. The slick bar is perfect for thread to slide over freely and "down" to my hands. Bars will hold up to 6 or more projects at same time. Three projects on each bar is working great for me. (Yes, I have at least 3 or more baby blankets in progress at same time.)

Some blankets I use 2 or 3 threads as one and having cones sitting under a cross bar makes it easy for threads to freely glide over to me.

When it is time to vacuum the carpet, drop crochet project into the milk crate, move and move thread holder. No mess, no fuss, and easy to put back in place.

Another thread holder that would work is the following:

Turntables on a table above lap height in front of your chair. Might be a little drag as the tread is pulled off the cone.

Look around your house and see what you can find to make your projects easier. Please share your finds!


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