mochi plus mitered shawl

Glo407July 27, 2013

Has anyone knitted the "mocha plus mitered shawl"? It's made of mitered squares which are joined as each is finished by casting on & picking up stitches from the square just made. The repeated instructions rows 2 thru 5 start with "S1, k to end" OR "S1, p to end". Are they telling me to "slip knitwise" the first stitch, then "slip purlwise" the last stitch on that row AND with work turned, "slip knitwise" the previous purlwise st, then "slip knitwise" the last st on this row (which was previously slip purlwise.)? I'm not quite a beginner but a "beginner with some experience." Can anyone help me?? Much thanks.

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Glo407, can you give us the complete row that is giving you trouble please? It will make it easier to help you.

S1 is usually slipped purl wise (even on a knit row) unless the instructions tell you otherwise. Every time you slip it, no matter if it's a knit or a purl row.

From what you have written, you do not slip the last stitch of the row. Only the first stitch of the row.

I hope this helps you.


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