Knitting Question about Yarn Over (YO)

lwelchJuly 8, 2009

I'm new to knitting, and I'm hoping someone can answer a basic (probably stupid!) question about YO (yarn over).

When a pattern specifies YO, does it mean to only move the yarn over, or does it mean to move the yarn over and knit a stitch? The online knitting videos I've watched usually show the follow-up knit stitch included with YO, but I'm not sure if that's how most patterns are written or not.


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That is not a stupid question. A YO is only moving the yarn over the needle, and what type of stitch should come after it will be written in the pattern. The reason videos show a stitch afterward, is so that the YO is secured and you can see what your work will look like.

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Thank you for this clear answer! Now I need to go redo a row. ;-)

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