buying care lables?

sheilajoyce_gwJuly 5, 2008

Does anyone sell small care labels to sew in knitted and crocheted gifts? I am looking for "machine wash and dry" and "cool delicate wash, lay flat to dry."

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When I knit or crochet an item to give, I always attach
the yarn label with the washing/care instructions on it.
That way there is no mistake on the care of the item per
the manufacturer of the yarn.
Hope this helps.

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I also give the yarn label plus a small ball of yarn. Many years ago I received labels with my name on them as a gift so I guess if you really wanted labels you could have them made up. I don't really think you need them if you give the yarn label - after they wash them once or twice, they'll remember. You could also consider taking them out of clothing that you have that provides washing/drying instructions.

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When I sell at shows I print small business cards with instructions and my name/phone# on them. Have different cards for different items. Punch a small hole and attach with ribbon.

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I have ordered from this company before, they have great labels and arrive promptly. They also have labels you can personalize with your own name, just thought you would like an option.
I also bought some at Michaels, but just the delicate wash ones.
Happy label hunting, hope you find what you are looking for at this website. :)

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