A/C vent leaking in one of the bedrooms

chrissycApril 23, 2008

We've just turned the A/C unit on for the first time since last summer and about 30 minutes later, noticed water coming through the vent in our sons room (no where else, just there). It was leaking quite a bit. We turned off the air and it has just about stopped leaking now. Any ideas of what could be going on and how to resolve it? Thanks a bunch.

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Is it ductwork from the attic? If so, did any insulation peel off?

Is there high humidity in that room when this occurs?

Did it do this before?

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More information is needed for this 'internet' diagnostic.
Can you take a look at the duct...assuming that it is in the attic..or basement..and describe what you see?

Is the grill condensating or is the water dripping from the center of the grill?

Where are you (and your ductwork) located?

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If the problem is being caused from your AC and not a coincidental plumbing issue you have a condensation problem either the supply tap is probably improperly insulated if this not the problem the supply tap may be close to the unit and the unit has a plugged drain or is improperly insulated, next you should look at the filter (actually first) a plugged filter will slow down airflow and decrease supply air temp creating a greater chance of condensation on metal surfaces

Here is a link that might be useful: Air Conditioning Repair made Easy

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at our office the account payable lady gets too hot during the winter so she closes her vent off most of the way. every year come cooling season she gripes that water is dripping onto her desk. and every year it is because the vent is mostly closed and with our high humidity it causes condensation. open the vent fully and she never has another issue.

maybe your vent is closed too much?

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I wanted to thank everyone for their help. We got it figured out. The pipe above the return came apart and was letting water pour out. Just had to get it glued back together. Luckily, no damage was done, and I'm not sweating anymore :) Thanks again!!

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Hi, one of our ac vents started leaking too and i have no idea what's causing it... where and what is the pipe above the return? I'm so frustrated, my husband just left for deployment and terrible things seem to happen evrytime he's gone.... i appreciate any help and info!

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