Finally finished U Michigan afghan

profsusanJuly 7, 2008

as promised I am posting the pictures of the U Michigan afghan

tunisian crochet takes more time than I thought. The edges curl a bit so does anyone know how to fix this without crocheting a border around the entire piece?

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profsusan, sorry, I can't help you with regards to the curling edges, however, I just wanted to say that you sure did a beautiful job on the afghan. It's just beautiful!


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I would try steaming it. Sure is pretty. I have yet to try tunesian, but I do love a baby blanket someone gave me in that stitch. So thick and warm!

Did you embroider the white trim on it, or is it in the design? Did you design the afghan, or buy it?

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Susan - great job!

Unfortunately, there is really no good way I know of to keep the edges from curling, except to crochet an edging, and even then, it's not a guarantee.

A light steaming will only be a temporary fix, believe me, I know.

Notice I said, no "good" way. You CAN "kill" the yarn and that will help some. But as the technique suggests, you will remove all life from the yarn. This involves steaming (using a tea towel or other cotton fabric over the piece) the heck out of it.

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Thanks for the compliments. My husband actually called it "impressive." The white trim is crocheted right in the pattern that I bought from Cuddle Up Creations. I know that steaming it will only be a temporary fix and my daughter-in-law is not the type to consistently do this so............I figured I'd need to crochet an edge since that will help. I generally put an edging on an afghan but thought this time I wouldn't to perserve the look and I also wanted to be finished with it! I'm bored with it and need to do something else, small and easily finished. Perhaps I'll do single crochet in gold against the blue side and blue against the gold side. I think two-three rows should add enough weight to do it.

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Well your hubby is right--impressive, even spectacular I would say.

As for the edge, the afghan is so beautifully done, I think the edge is no big deal. You could try a row of single crochet, but you might wind up with wavy crochet instead of wavy knit. Check it out after you've done a bit, and don't invest any more time unless it really helps.

Wonderful work!

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Hi there,

is it possible, you could e-mail me the direction of this blanket. I would like to make this blanket for really good person that is in iraq right now and loves michigan.

Thank you so much. It is beautiful.

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Hello...I love this blanket...I am looking for a pattern for an afghan or throw (crochet) with anything Michigan so that I can make one for my husband...he is a true blue fan....if you can please send me this pattern or direct me to where I can find one I would greatly appreciate it....thank you.

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Don't you just hate it when that happens? Here's what I did.

My first attempt at tunisian crochet was a baby blanket so my yarn was probably a lighter weight than yours. And, you're right, I was sick of it before I finished. Much slower going than regular crochet.

I selected some batting, cut two strips and twisted into a soft cord. You could use regular cording for something heavier but you still want your edges to be soft and flexible when you're through. I twisted two strips to give it more of a rounded poufiness. I then single crocheted twice as many rows as I needed, laid the cord on the backside, wrapped the edge over and slip stitched over the cord to the back edge. Closed the ends. I left the sides alone as the didn't curl. Worked for me.

Good luck!

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The OP bought the pattern. For her to send copies of the pattern to anyone would be a copyright violation. Certainly no one who is asking for a copy to be sent to them would want the OP to risk a huge monetary fine and jail time -- would you?

Please buy your own copies of patterns that are under copyright protection (which is the vast majority of them).

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I asked if the pattern could be sent to me or if anyone could direct me to where I could get the pattern...I am not trying to get anyone in trouble...I joined this forum because I was looking for other intentions...apologize if I wasn't clear in my original posting.

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Babka NorCal 9b

The original post was FOUR YEARS AGO. How about a post asking where you can find U. Michigan patterns for afghans? If you are looking for a certain pattern, it might be a good idea to begin a new post with "U. Michigan afghan patterns wanted" somewhere in the title??? Then you can ask for someone to send you in the right direction.

The original poster in this thread was asking how to keep the edges from curling.

You DID ask all the right questions, but not in the right thread. Start your own thread, and you will (hopefully) be rewarded!

If you find a graphic you like, there are (free)websites that will graph your design. I did that for a dragon and a ballet dancer for my granddaughters.

don't go away, keep trying.


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Didn't realize the crochet community was so hostile..thanks for the advice Babka but I have found what I am looking for...hope you do too.

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