Is this a good deal?

DekeamusApril 10, 2012

I got a bid to install 2 new units Bryant 113ana030 and 113ana042 for a total of 6 tons to heat a 2500 sq. ft. home. The contractor is giving me 10 yr labor to go with the 10 yr parts and compressor warranty. They are also going to install 2 new return airs and give me a 1 yr service agreement. The bid came back at $9000.

I live in Houston Texas, so it's very hot and humid almost 9 months out of the year and the ac gets a real workout. In your opinion is this a fair deal? I got 4 bids and it came to this and one other company, they offered Trane 14 seer units 4ttr4030c and 4txcb036 w/o all the frills of r/a and service contracts for $8860. Both companies have done work for friends and were recomended.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Of course I meant to "cool" not heat my house, I think the furnace turned on maybe a total of 6 times this winter.

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6 tons for 2500 SW ft home? I realize this is Texas but really?

I would want to see load calculation.

New linesets included? New evap coils?

These appear to be basic 13 SEER condensers.

What brand/model/size furnaces do you have?

Pricing seems reasonable. Of course there is always cheaper like Goodman.


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3.5 for downstairs and 2.5 for up, it is a bit much but the load from all 4 contractors called for a little more than 5 1/4. I face the sun almost all day with very large bay windows in the front. The furnaces are Lennox, had a good friend that works for a large commercial HVAC company that said furnaces are great, rarely used here, and don't let them try to sell you new ones, and all 4 bids agreed furnaces are fine.

New evap coils are included along with the other fluff I mentioned earlier.

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I would want new and correctly sized refrigerant linesets.

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That's a heck of alot of cooling.

What size are you replacing?

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Same sizes from the original, when house was built, 13 yrs ago.

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