Irish fisherman sweater pattern

Maggie4July 28, 2007

I have a pattern bought in Ireland. It is written in Panel A,(6sts x 4rs), Panel B (14sts x 8rs) ect. Rep these rows as required. ..... Doesn't seem to say what to use between panels.looks like a seed,or moss stitch, I don't understand what the panels mean. My count doesn't seem to come out right. It sounds easy, until you try it. Does anyone have the European patters and could you explain how to do this. I have been knitting for years but this has me stumped. I'd appreciate any help or hints. Remember American patterns are in rows.


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The Irish knits are not like American patterns...but I guess you discovered that. LOL!
The directions are for motifs....which are in panels and you fill in between with seed stitch or whatever.
The patterns for the panels are given in rows I believe.
Linda C

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Yes, the panels are in rows. I have emailed you.
Thank you for responding. Following the panels with the rows and trying to figure out how many stitches in between (the pattern doesn't say) American patterns tell you every stitch. I'm going to give it another try.

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