Have any of you used Bam Boo from Classic Elite Yarns?

myclementineJuly 16, 2007

My aunt gave me a bunch of this Bam Boo yarn and I am having a terrible time keeping it from fraying while crocheting with it. I am still new at crocheting and wondering if I am doing something wrong. I am hoping to get ideas here.

Do you think it would help if I ran this with another type of yarn, the 2 together?



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Heidi, I have some to make socks with, but have not had a chance to get them started. I go to a knitting group on Thursdays, when I can, at my local yarn shop. Several of the girls have used it, and love it, no problems working with it. (We also have crocheters!) I'll keep an ear open.


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Thanks Tami! I used 2 strands of it together yesterday and that worked much better. I had to use aluminum hook so that it would slide easier. I am wondering if what she got was a bad batch and she got a discount. I just don't know. Thanks!

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Are we talking splitty fraying where your needle size may be wrong and you are grabbing too many/not enough of the yarn thread strands or the ends fraying due to the way it is spun like some cottons, in which case I just tie a knot in the very end. I have knitted with Bam Boo (not crochet) and find it to be one I would not recommend to a beginner. JMHO.

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