dyeing yarn with kool ade?

sandra_fergusonJuly 9, 2009

I'm wanting to dye some white wool yarn with kool ade ...those bright colors.....and not one solid color, but different colors applied in a random way with a squirt bottle. Has anyone done this? If so, do I need to wet the yarn skeins first, or would that only be if I were immersing it in a dyebath? How much koolade need I add to how much water? Any instructions you have would be appreciated.

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There are lots of places on the internet to find instructions. I bought a bunch of undyed wool a couple of years ago because DH wanted "plain" socks, and they just never happened. I keep saying I'm going to give dying with Kool Aid a try, but haven't gotten around to that yet, either.

Here is a link that might be useful: dying with Kool Aid

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I know the cross stitchers have tried it on aida cloth but the dye does not stay even if you set it so I would think the same would be true for yarn. Probablly a better idea to use real dye. Mary!

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I've dyed with kool-aid following the crock pot instructions on this site

I used 5 colors and just dropped an ounce or so at random spots around the pot. I love the result. I can post a picture of my finished yarn if you like.

I prepared my yarn, wrapping it around 2 kitchen chairs, tied it, then soaked it overnight in vinegar/water. The next day I heated up the crock pot with the yarn and water and added the koolaid. It took about an hour and a half. Then I let the pot cool down, rinsed the yarn and hung it to dry. Really simple and really fun. I hope you try it.

Here is a link that might be useful: kool aid dying

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calicokitty, et al..........thanks for the sites....being instructionally 'challenged', photos are a big help!....I'd love to see some photos of the yarn you did. (when you say you just dropped 'an ounce or so at random spots', do you mean you dropped an ounce of dry koolaid, or mixed ?) I'm curious, too...how has the color stood up? I'd hate to spin a ton of white yarn and spend the time dyeing it, only to have the colors be fugitive!
I'm just home from a little trip and while away we visited craft exhibits, etc...my GOD, the hand painted yarn is expensive....a small skein for $25.00 or so...and I mean SMALL! It's gotten me thinking again of making my own. I always liked the idea, but lacked the incentive to get going...these prices have made the process look 'better' and better!

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Calicokitty, I'd really like to see pictures of your yarn, too.

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This is the result of my koolaid dye. I used Patons Classic wool in winter white.
I mixed the koolaid crystals with boiling water to dissolve. I didn't measure anything but would guess that each cup held about 1/3 cup of liquid.
I used red, green and purple koolaid packets. I also made blue and yellow with boiling water and food coloring.
After the yarn and the water in the crockpot were steaming, I randomly dropped in splashes of each of the five colors. When there was no white left showing on the yarn, I stopped adding color and let it "cook". No stirring.
I used a soup ladle to scoop up a bit of the water in the pot and when I saw it was clear, I turned the pot off and let everything cool. Then rinsed and hung to dry.
I did only one ball of yarn, just to practice, but it's enough for a pair of mitts. I love the colors and how they blended. Sorry my camera is not the best.

Do try this. It's alot of fun!

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Gee....that's very, very pretty. You have inspired me to try it....(that is, after I've spun up a ton of white yarn)...so, this winter sounds good....a fun cold weather project.

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That looks great. Do you suppose it would work with a light pale color wool, other than white? I suppose the chance is there that it might turn a muddy color if too many colors were added, but suppose it were light blue and you added mauve or purple?

Just thinking out loud here, but any input appreciated.

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I'm sure your pale yarn would take on new color. Try an experiment with it. Cut a few inches from your skein, place it in the koolaid solution, and microwave it. See what new color you create.

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