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sallingJuly 20, 2008

I am knitting a pair of socks and have done ok until I reach the instruction of the heel flap. This sock is done on three dpns. The directions state-Heel flap: k1 st from end of N2 onto N1, k across 19 stitches on N2 and across 13 stitches from N3 for a total of 32 heel stitches. Turn work. Then there are 4 rounds of various stitches which I understand. I just don't understand the heel flap thing. Am I slipping a stitch from the end of N2 to N1 or am I knitting across N1 until I get to N2 or am I...

Thank you for any assistance. This has been one hum-dinger of a sock pattern. I keep messing up.

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Without seeing the pattern, I cannot be absolutely sure, but a heel flap is usually knit on half the stitches, so I am assuming that you have 64 total stitches. After knitting the stitches on needle 1, you knit the first stitch from N2 onto N1. Knit the stitches on N2 (19), then I would think you knit (not on N2) the 13 stitches from N3 (I would then distribute these as 16 stitches each on N2 and N3. Then you knit back and forth on N1 for your heel flap.

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