placemat loom-desperate looking for

amacJuly 30, 2009

Hi! I am not sure if I am in the right place, but I am in need of some help.

When I was a young girl - I had a loom... it was a flat, rectangle, board with many holes in it and you could remove the pegs and replace them to make different shaped and sized placemats, coasters etc. To make the placemat or coaster - you would wrap the yarn around the pegs in different directions and then tie them off, and then remove the pegs.

I really want to find this type of loom for my daughter who is now 9 - her birthday is coming up and I would love to find this for her. I actually did find it online about 5 years ago, but did not save the information. I have now searched and searched online and cannot find the same type of loom.

Any help would be so much appreciated.... thanks!


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This company has looms. The link is to the page for kids.

I don't know anything about them...just ran across the website in my surfing.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carolina Homespun

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I believe what you are looking for is called the Love and Money Loom. You can do a google search for it. They are also available on ebay.

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I was at Walmart a few days ago and walked quickly through the craft department....I believe I saw what you are describing. in plastic. You might try there.

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