looking for Annies Attic Dainty Dress Up Pattern

nursemomJuly 23, 2006

Does anyone out there have or know where I can get a copy of the Dainty Dress Up baby girl crochet dress/bunny jumpsuit pattern? It is by Annie's Attic and has 7 patterns on it. I've had bad luck with trying to hold onto this pattern. About a year ago I bought 2 of these and paid a total of over $100 and I think I let a patient at the hospital where I work accidently take it home with her. Well, I'm not sure exactly which patient, etc...Anyway I really need another copy. Can anyone help?

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I have the pattern and will be glad to give you a copy. Email me!

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I was looking for the Annie's Attic heirloom dainty dress pattern and I have had no luck in finding it, If you would share a copy it would be very much appreciated.I found a posting on a different site but she forgot where she got the patter but I only have a picture of the pattern I am looking for, In order to make it for my two grand daughters. thanks so much, if you can help please post a reply or e mail me at ChicanaMamii@Hotmail.com

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I am also looking for this pattern and like the other person I only have a picture of these outfits. You are the first one I've found that has knowledge of this same pattern. Help please. Thank you much.

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Oh my gosh, I have been looking for this same pattern, I also lost mine.......If there is anyway you might share with me also, I will be forever grateful!! Many thanks.

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I've been searching all over for the Annie's Attic Dainty Dress-up crochet baby clothes pattern, leaflet # 87b85. Do you have it to share? Thanks SO much! C

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I found it several places online doing a google search. Half way down at the first link. You can always put stuff in your ebay favorites and you will get notified when it comes up for auction. Mary



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I also am looking for this particular pattern book. I had a copy years ago, but I left it at a friends and never got it back. Please if you have it let me know.

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I have ordered patterns from this site but they want quite a bit for it. Mary



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