another dishcloth yarn question -- help!

Carol_AnnJuly 22, 2007

I found some Peaches and Creme yarn, and some Sugar and Cream, and bought some... have finished one dishcloth and am halfway through another. Then, in looking at dishcloth patterns on the internet yesterday, I notice one pattern (out of all the dozens I've looked at) mentions that cotton will shrink and therefore you need to knit loosely. NOW they tell me :) But the same article mentioned that some cottons are pre-shrunk.

I can't find any info about pre-shrinking on the labels of the two kinds of yarns I bought so I guess I have to assume they aren't pre-shrunk?

Have any of you worked with these yarns and had them shrink much after washing the finished project?

What do you do -- do you shrink the yarn before you work it, (and if so, how?!), or do you knit loosely?

I wanted to make some cute spa cloths (ok, washrags) :) for gifts but don't want to give people something that's going to shrink and look funny after.

Please advise! Thank you!!

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Hi Carol_Ann, I have made hundreds of dishcloths. I use both of the yarn brands that you mentioned. Yes, they do shrink, but that's just fine. They look great even a little smaller. In fact I think the size is better once they have shrunk. I give them to people before I wash them. The ones I keep, I wash, then throw in the dryer. They are good for a long time, then they go in the rag bag. Below is my favorite site for dishcloths. Just put your cursor over the name of the dishcloth and look for the picture in the center blank square. I hope that helps.

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Oops, I forgot to link the site:

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting Boutique

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Thanks so much for the information -- I'll see how my first one looks after washing but I'm encouraged that I don't have to make a lot of adjustments! And thanks for the website -- lots of great patterns :)

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I find the dish cloths stretch when using, so I always make them smaller - I don't want a big floppy dish cloth to deal with.
When put in the wash and dryer I guess they do shrink, but stretch back out again when using.

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