Woooo hooooooo!! I knitted a triangle! :)

Carol_AnnJuly 1, 2007

OK, I'm a novice, and my knitting up to now has involved flat items only -- baby blanket and scarves -- some with really nice designs, but still, just squares and rectangles. So yesterday I started on the multidirectional diagonal scarf (see pattern link below, or do an image google on the name for photos). It begins with knitting a triangle, and before it was even 2" long, I was holding it up for DH and saying, "Look! It's a triangle!" You'd think I'd invented the wheel! :) He was appropriately supportive and enthusiastic about it.

Then I got into the "short rows" part of the pattern, and that really got me going -- needless to say, I worked like crazy on it and am through one skein of yarn already, and it's turning out very cool.

Probably silly to get so darned excited over a scarf but like I said, I'm a novice, so learning anything new is a huge thrill!

Next stop: socks! That should really have me jumping up and down! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: multidirectional diagonal scarf

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Congratulations Carol Ann! You SHOULD be excited to learn new techniques! And you have a right to be proud of yourself. Good for hubby for giving you the right reaction, too. Sometimes I want to kick myself by putting something off because it intimidates me, only to find that it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

You go girl!

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Thanks, Donna... it *is* fun learning new things. I was so excited about the triangle, but when I got to the short rows I didn't see how it was going to work and I almost despaired... I didn't get how it would all knit together. Then I decided to just plunge in and follow the directions and see what happened, and gee, big surprise, it all worked out great! :) (Not only that, but it's a very easy pattern). You're right -- it's easy to let things intimidate but it pays to wade right in! Next stop: Sockville! :)

PS And big hugs to DH, who really is applauding my work, he's great for my ego! :)

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