Why didin't I listen to that voice in my head when I knit.....

Vickey__MNJuly 20, 2009

Ever since IÂve heard of Life Lines (What a WONDERFUL concept) I keep telling myself that when I get to a change in my pattern I WILL put in a life line. I am addicted to socks right now and always remember at the heel, but when I hit a part that I THINK looks easy I donÂtÂÂWell yesterday I saw the "effects" of not listening to that little voice. Still donÂt know what I did wrong, but not only did I somehow drop a stitch, but it started to exponentially unravel and I somehow had an inverted pyramid and it was just better to frog over 30 rows thank goodness it was a sock* as I could NOT figure out what was happening, and saw potential in the repeat for this to happen Again and Again. (And why did I keep pulling when I saw what was happening, it was like I was facinated that it would do that ?????)

So my advice for peopleÂLife Lines, a little time will save you so much frustration!!


Just found a link for an "AFTER THOUGHT" life line....of course AFTER I'd already ripped out the rows, but it's in my FAVORITES now!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: AFTER THOUGHT LIFE LINE

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I never heard of life lines before, much less adding them as an afterthought. What a great idea. I've always preferred crocheting to knitting only because it is so easy to rip out if you discover an error. When I knit, I go back stitch by stitch, row by row, and it sometimes takes hours, especially if there were some fancy pattern stitches in there.

If you add the Life Line while you are knitting, it takes zero extra time and effort.

You learn something new every day...and I'm really glad I learned about this today. Thanks!


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I have never used one. I guess I don't knit complicated patterns as a rule.

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Wow...learn something new every day...it's not unknown for me to have to remove several or more rows, and I always bite the bullet and simply remove the needle holding the stitches....then unravel, but carefully. This generally works well and the worst that happens is I later notice one I missed, that is now a 'ladder'...but, these are easy to reinstate, with a crochet hook. But, with lace patterns, this looks a really good idea, so thanks for sharing what is, for me at least, a new concept.

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Thank you for posting this. I am one of the ones who frog stitch by stitch, row by row. Vique.

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WOW, after years of knitting my daughter teaches me about tink, and now, I know lifeline.

I have to remember this. GREAT info, great link. Thanks Vickey.


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