i need help with knitting phrase

lizzyluvJuly 11, 2009

ok, am knitting a vest for the first time and now am stuck when it got to the part of shoulder shaping,

i cant seem to understand the instructions below, i dont know if am suppose to cast off on both sides or just one side since am shaping the back.can anyone help me please.

Shape shoulders: Cast off 8 (10-13-16-19) sts beg next 4 rows. Leave rem 31 (37-39-41-43) sts on a st holder.

Shape shoulder: Cast off 8 (10-13-16-19) sts beg next and following alt row. Leave rem 16 (16-18-18-20) sts on a st holder.**

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Babka NorCal 9b

My best guess is for the first "shape shoulders", you cast off (bind off) 8 stitches the beginning of each of the next four rows, which would mean that they were coming off both sides leaving 31 stitches in the middle.

The second "shape shoulder" has a couple ** after it. Those instructions appear to me to apply to only one side, and you are casting off only on every other row which would make that all on the same side.

Is there a reference to the ** that says something like do the same thing to the other side? Do they show a pic of the shape of the parts in the pattern?


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It sounds like you are doing two sections of a sweater. Would this be the front and back? Or each side of a front or back? We need to see more of the directions.

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To me it sounds like the first one is for the back and you are decreasing from both sides, so you decrease on the left side on the first row. the right on the next row and repeat once.

The next one is for the fronts--your vest must have buttons or zipper down the front. You decrease on the sleeve side but not the front, so you only decrease on the alternate rows so all decreases are only on the sleeve side.

If you have 2 different views one with the divided--zipper or buttons-- front and one that is in one piece, you use the first for the one piece and the second for the divided one

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