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cawapsJanuary 1, 2014

I found an interesting home for sale in San Francisco. Only $27 million (it's in the rather upscale Pacific Heights neighborhood, and check out those views!). I'm attaching the kitchen pics, but the link to the slide show is below. The house was built in 1905. I'm not an expert (by any means) but the interior seems mostly neoclassical to me, with some definite art deco bits (the mirrored hallway especially).

I think the woodwork in the kitchen is stunning, and, again, that view! It looks like a bit of a hike from the range to the fridge, from a practical standpoint. So many expensive homes have disappointing kitchens--do you think this one lives up to the rest of the house?

Link to slideshow

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Woodwork? What woodwork? I don't see any woodwork from out here on the balcony, looking out over the bay, New Year's champagne in hand. Rest of the house? In a minute, still looking out at the bay.

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Dark cabs, dark counters, dark BS...not my style, but I'll take the view!

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I saw that house before ?Curbed? I think. There is a name for that style - sorta french townhouse, sorta empire revival but I can't remember what it is. My guess is they replaced the window wall - it is similar to some swoopy doors and circles over large glass panels on a few large homes around town, but not often enough to remember the name or its dates. There is something about the proportions that feels wrong tho.

It's a beautiful house, the kitchen has beautiful elements and I hate every piece of the kitchen except for the red tiles and the black la cornue pieces but I don't like the exact arrangement of those either. There's something about that range wall that reminds me of those buffet restaurants.

I don't know what I'm reacting to cause I'm deeply impressed by the wood working in the island. It's got a view to die for.

Maybe its because it's too finely done for a kitchen? Maybe its because I don't like the combination of the choices? I hope they have some roller skates for going back and forth to the ref.

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Those wood cabinets are dark and dated and need to painted a creamy white ASAP :)~
Seriously, I find a lot of the house too dark and ornate for my taste, but that round room with the view....
I bet you that you can get the house for substantially less than the 27mio.

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lol, nosoccermom.

I suspect the $27M is wishful thinking, but regardless, it's way out of my price range. Heck, one bedroom apartments in Pacific Heights are out of my price range.

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Definitely need a good range hood in there. Hate to be trying to wash that ceiling, ha! Oh wait, the maid will do it. Nevermind.

Gorgeous view.

Is that an in-wall rotisserie next to the range? Cool beans.

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With the only light in the center of the room, (don't know if there's under cab lighting, and I hope the hood has lighting) I'm guessing no one actually uses that kitchen island at night ;-)


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blubird: it does look like a breakfast kitchen, doesn't it? Complete with espresso machine and toaster. There are small cans on the soffit, UCLs, hood lights and larger cans in the corners. But that island is definitely underlit. I guess your personal chef will have to worry about that.

deedles: That is the La Cornue Flamberge rotisserie next to the LC Chateau. They had one on display at my local Ferguson's.

Besides the view, what I think I throws me is that the beautiful woodwork of the cabinetry and the lovely La Cornue setup seems mismatched with the rather bland wall, floor and ceiling colors. If anything, a darker or lively color scheme and/or a little pattern or gilt (like in the rest of the house -- I know, very formal) might actually make it more cohesive. The lounge chairs seem a bit odd -- who needs a club chair in a kitchen in a fully staffed home?

So give me the home, and I'll work around these petty issues. :)

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