knitted dishcloths

terlyncaiJune 25, 2010

I love to knit dishcloths but wondering if people really use them and love them like I do? It does seem like they fade very easily but other than that I like them. What's your opinion. Any favorite patterns?


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Hi Terry,

I belong to a RV club, and at most of our rallies, we do an auction for a charity that we support. I made about 10 dishcloths last year and put them in two packages in the auction. Would you believe that each package was auctioned for at least $15? There were about 6 ladies fighting over them! Yes, people really love them and use them, just like you do. My favorite pattern is super simple. I think it's called Grandma's Favorite, but I got it from one of the yarn company web sites. They are alos great for trying out new pattern stitches.


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I love knitting dish cloths. I use left over yarn and have used just about every kind .I find that they last forever and just get better with laundering. As of late I have been using the same pattern and using baby yarn to make wash cloths. They feel great.

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I have gobs of patterns I knit from (large notebook full, plus others on computer), and have just found Hobby Lobby's new yarn I Love This Cotton's thinner than the other cotton yarns I used before and is so soft.

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Crafty Gardener

I love homemade dishcloths, but do agree they fade quickly. I use a basic knit pattern that goes from corner to corner increasing each row. I also crochet them and use some pattern I just create myself. I give lots away for gifts and they are always appreciated.

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my dishcloths last forever ... i knit or crochet them from 100% cotton and my friends BEG for more ... i also still make my own pot cotton holders on the square little loom i've had since i was 6 (i'm 51 now) and my friends BEG for more !!!

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Boy, I can relate to the cotton potholders! I love them and they're so hard to find. You have to know somebody who has one of those little looms. I would buy them if I could.

I also knit the dishcloths and at first I was afraid to use them because I didn't want them to fall apart. Well, even though I have a dishwasher, I do wash some things by hand and the knitted dishcloths are wonderful at scrubbing dishes. I use them exclusively now.

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Maryrose,where do you get your supplies to make cotton potholders?I still have my loom but need the little cotton garter-like pieces.

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I think you could find them at Michael's or another craft store.

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I love to crochet potholders. I like them way better than store bought pot holders. They are fun and easy to make. I have made some crocheted dishcloths. I don't know how to knit though I have tried.

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