Trane A/C Prices?

acehApril 13, 2006

What's the going prices on the following Trane A/C units? I was quoted prices on two units (each a 3 ton unit). The Trane XB13 $2,205...(condenser - 2TTB3036 - 3 Ton) and the Trane XR13 $2,618 (condenser - 2TTR3036 - 3 Ton). Price is for "equipment only".

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where from, that sound s like the list price to me.

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New Orleans, LA. We're repairing damages from hurricane Katrina.

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That price should include labor and equipment.Thats real close to my installed prices here in Alabama.Get some more quotes.

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The total cost would be $2,640 (2,205 + 435 material) for the XB13 and $3,416 ($2,618 equipment + 435 material + 363 Additional) = $3,416 for the XR13. I have no idea what the $363 additional is.

Prices for jobs her in the hurrican ravaged area have gone up considerably. People here have paid $14,000 for a new roof which prior to hurricane Katrina would have cost $8,000. This is pretty much standard around here.

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I beleive in making money but those guys need to be regulated, those prices are too high.They are taking advantage of a bad situation.That is price gauging if you ask me.I am a Trane dealer and have been told my prices are high.They are not even close to those prices.

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bama dude,

The part of a central A/C unit which is outside is the compressor and this correct? Is there any part of the A/C unit which is inside and connected to the interior unit?

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aceh, you will have a furnace or airhandler inside with an evaporator coil and yes the outdoor is called the condensing unit or condenser .

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Thanks. I knew my furnace was inside but I couldn't think of the "airhandler". Upon thinking about those quotes, they may be within range for around her at this time. Back in Aug 2006 I had a brand new central heating system installed. That cost around $2,200 6 years ago. The same company did the work.

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I had gotten an estimate in June 06 for a trane xb13 and then held out...just got another estimate last week (sept 06) and the price of the same unit was quoted almost $1100 the same a/c guy..he explained that the prices have gone up twice since this true?

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Sorry if I'm highjacking this thread. Those prices make my prices sound REALLY high. The quote I have for three separate 2-ton units for my 2135 sq foot house is $14,972 for XR13.

This includes the entire system, equipment ducts, ERV system, installation, etc. The ductwork is R8 flexduct. These are heat pump with electric backup.

One unit is for 444 sq feet upstairs, one unit for master suite 600 sq feet and one unit for the rest of downstairs 1000 sq ft.

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Depends on wether they are going with a new slab, elect connections and replacing the breaker, adding a suction drier (then removing the drier after a week or two of operating), recovering refrigerant, hauling off the old equipment, checking and/or cleaning the indoor system and so on.
The XR system is a better buy in the long run as it comes with a 10 year warranty on the compressor as opposed to the XB of only 5 years. The XR can go to 14 seer as well when the indoor system is replaced. My costs are usually a little lower.

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Yikes, what are you all complaining about on prices? In Virginia I just got a quote to replace an old heat pump/air handler with the Trane XB13 (2.5 ton) and matching air handler, plus the addition of a Trane humidifier, and the price was almost $6200. I can get a 10% discount if I install it this week because they are "slow" and can use the work. I'd kill to get one of those $3500 prices! :-O

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Just found out that the installed cost of a new Trane XB13 will be 2,430. That is to replace a 10 yr old unit that burnt out this morming.
Houston, TX

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My quote to replace my 3-year old "contractor grade" 4-ton Carrier with a 5-ton Trane XL19 here in Sacramento, California:
$22,800 (then a $1,200 Trane rebate).

To say I'm shocked is an understatement. A different company quoted about $16,000 for the same work.

How much does the physical equipment itself really cost?
5-ton XL19i
XV90 furnace
CleanEffects air purifier

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I am curious. Why do you want a 17.9 SEER unit? I do not know your electric rates in CA. But, in North Carolina, anything above a 14 SEER will take a "lifetime" to realize any cost savings.

I am unwilling to tell you the equipment cost for the Trane. I will say, for approx. $6,500.00, we can install a 14 SEER heat pump with a two-stage gas valve, variable speed blower, 93% efficient. And, for approximately $8,500.00, we can install a 16 SEER R410-A heat pump with the same gas furnace. The parts warranty is 10 years. Both are dual fuel.

Of course, those are East Coast prices.


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goglen, keep shopping a bit. I live in Bakersfield in a 2300 SF house (high ceilings) and a 5 ton Trane XL19 (replacement project , not new installation) with the variable speed 80% furnace is in the $10000 to $11000 range. That includes pulling the permit, installation, duct testing and balancing (not "zoning"; add about $3k for that), hauling off the old equipment and the 10 year full system warranty for parts AND labor. To be fair, I'm also getting 3% disc for paying cash or check, $200 in contractor discount, and the $1200 Trane rebate. I'm also probably going to qualify for the $600 PGE duct sealing incentive as well. Bakersfield is a little cheaper than Sacramento but we're all still paying nasty CA electric prices.

remodeler08, so you know, "baseline" prices here are 11 cents/kwH. Baseline might cover a 1300 sf house on the coast (maybe.) Usage over baseline costs you more and more depending how far over you go (100%, 200%, 300%). When you're paying 34 cents+/KwH, and you live in low desert, the 16 and 19 SEER units start paying off in under 10 years.

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billbone!- I will drive to Virginia (from Texas) and install that for you for that price, then have a vacation in Virginia for a week, visit my BIL in NC for another week, stay at the finest hotels and eat at the best restarants then come back home with money left over. The typical price here would be $4,500.00 for that same system- maybe equipment cost more there!?
Get yourself another bid. If they will take $620.00 off- they are trying to force a quick sell before you have time to get another price or bid or think about it. That's bad business practices!

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Phillip -- When one guy (Home Depot Trane partner) was at my house, running their equipment installed prices and the rebates from our utilities and Trane, it was only about $200+ more for the XL19 over XL16.

Every month, the majority of my electricity is in the "3rd tier", which is about $.18/kwh or maybe $.20 now.

At what price point does a heat pump become more cost effective than natural gas?

Can these "dual fuel" units run as a heat pump OR gas, whichever I want (ie, whichever is more cost effective for that period of time)?

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Today, I was quoted a price of $3,669.00 to install a 13seer 5 ton Trane Compressor Unit to replace my twenty three year old 3.5 compressor that is associated with a 5 ton evaporator that I had installed with a Trane furnace five years ago.

My present compressor has weak valves, requires added freon about once a season and today required installation of a hard start kit for $185.00. I can have this rebated if I elect to install a ten year warranty, 5 ton, 13 seer compressor for $3,669.00 or another brand with a five year warranty for $3,000.00. I have been retired for quite a while and plan to leave this 2,500 sq. ft [400 sq feet upstairs] in about two years.

Seems to me the cheaper way out is just to go along with the repair and take my chances. What do you think of that as a decision and what do you think of the price quote for here in Tennessee.

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I'm getting a quote later this week. TX rates. I'm looking at a 2.5 and 3.5 unit, probably XL16i's with Air Filtration, UV Purifiers, VS Fans, and a Heath Pump system.

Give or take, what will I be looking at?

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I would guess $15k easy, especially with all that fancy stuff added on.

My best advice to you is to get 3 quotes. Make sure that the model numbers of the condenser (outside unit) and air handler are on the quotes. The Trane air handler should start with 4TEE...., and condenser 4TWX.... Once you have model numbers, I can provide btu ratings as well as efficiencies.

FYI, it sound like you are getting all the bells and whistles. UV purifiers are probably overkill. The XL16i uses dual-stage compressors. First stage runs at 70% capacity, 2nd stage at full capacity. Most heat pumps in use are only single-stage systems. If you can afford 2 XL16i's, go for it.

Your cooling costs are determined by the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and not SEER. Whichever SEER system you get, make sure you get a 12 EER minimum.

An additional PARTS AND LABOR warranty would provide you peace of mind.

Best to you.

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Hi, we are located in City of Industry, CA. We are carrying almost all the Trane series and parts. Our XB13 condensers 3 ton for $1105, 4 ton for $1415, 5 ton for $1650, and please email us for the freight charges. Regards

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"Hi, we are located in City of Industry, CA. We are carrying almost all the Trane series and parts. Our XB13 condensers 3 ton for $1105, 4 ton for $1415, 5 ton for $1650, and please email us for the freight charges. Regards"

Sounds high for XB condensers. Those prices sound more in line with the XLi wholesale prices. Maybe in Cali prices are just higher than over in the North.

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Looks like some good pricing on furnaces and coils though. Plan on selling heat pumps? The XR or XLi line?

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Good prices on furnaces and coils, though, gsistore. :)

Gonna sell heat pumps in the future? Might want to offer something more than the XB line, just my opinion.

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I'm looking to replace my 14 year-old 5 ton Trane "Package" unit (combines A/C unit with Propane furnace in one outdoor package) with a new unit of the same capacity. Anyone have any idea what I should expect to pay? For unit? For installation? Knoxville, TN area.

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Best way to find out is to call for a few free estimates.

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If anyone whom are interesting to get any Trane series, you may please contact us at Regards

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I know that some New Jersey AC repair companies use Trane A/C Units and they sell them cheaper because they get them at cost. I've heard they last a long time and make a big difference in your house, especially after getting rid of a mediocre unit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Browns Heating & Cooling

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I live in Texas and I have XL1200 3 ton Trane with heat pump and I want to replace it with XR13 4 Ton.
Dealer gave me the following cotation for it: Trane XR13 4 ton with heat pump.
Evap Coil 15 KW Heat, Mastic Seal System, New returns mve to !6" ceilng & Hallway, New High Efficiency Air Cleaner, Condensate Drain, New Copper Lineset 7/8 3/8, New Armaflex Insulation, New Floating Switch, New Whip, New Concrete Slab,New Disconect Box, Line Set Cover, New Secondery Drain Pan, Cleanup job, Work Performance Codes, Rerigerant Recovery & EPA Approved Disposal.
The price is $8,850.00. Is it a good price?
Thank you for the replies.

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This is an old thread and you should start a new thread.

This is a low end Trane HP. What model air handler is listed in the quote. Trane HPs while nice equipment are light in heating BTUs including the XR13 model(except the XL15i). There is nothing special about your quote other than the returns. Keep in mind that you can not go up in size without verifying that your ductwork system both supply and return can handle the extra CFMs. Have you had a load calculation performed?

You need several more quotes. You do want a var speed air handler. These are mdls that I would recommend.

Carrier Performance 15 HP or Comfort 15 HP
Trane XL15i HP or Am Std Heritage 15


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To ceto:

Why are you going up in size by 1 ton? Certainly I would assume the dealer showed you a full load calculation to support this and proposed changes to the ductwork to support the new system capacity?

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Help! I'm replacing an existing Heil 2 ton, downstairs unit, all outside, has gas heat. How much for a new 2 ton (Trane or other) product and install? I live in Knoxville, TN.

Also, what do you recommend as replacement?

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What is good price for each of the following Trane Products:


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I just apparently bought my first heating/ ac unit. I was told I had a crack in my heat transfer for the gas and that the carbon monoxide could come into the house. I am still in sticker shock. Not sure if $7800 was good price or not. That includes installation, new slab, but not duct work or anything like that just an unhook and rehook up. XL14C qualifies for $200 rebate, $300 tax credit. I saw where retail prices could range from ~$3k to $5500. I either got a normal deal or I got taken to the cleaners. Any input, so I can sleep tonight?

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