searching for summer cotton top pattern

dllfbJune 9, 2008

I am looking for a pattern that I made about 15 years ago. It was a short sleeved top made with a knotty-type cotton. It had a rounded front neckline and a V in the back. Very modest. If someone could help me with locating the pattern I would be oooo so's one of those oldies that I still love and would like to make another, even in another cotton. Even if there is another cotton pattern very similar to this one that your know about please let me know. I have a picture ... but don't think I can attach it here.

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If you'll send me the picture in an email, I will post it for you. Is it knit or crochet?

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Here it is:

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I'd think you could use any sweater pattern you like...and simply make the sleeves short. I've done that with the basic v neck pattern from THE SWEATER WORKSHOP...but, really, I'd think any pattern would work.

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Well...I'm not that good at knitting...but I'd think that you'd have to have the right gauge..equivilent to the cotton and not worsted yarn. And I think that the pattern and cut may be different as well.

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I found a site awhile back that has many knit and crochet patterns FREE
Maybe you can find something here that you like :)
Since I don't knit I look more at the crochet ones..
Hope this helps, good luck !!

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