Carrier central heat pump- comfort series

tomjchrisApril 5, 2008

I am going to put a Carrier split system heat pump in the house I am building.I was told model 25HCA3-60A and handler FX4CNF-60-10 is a 5/5 ton 14 SEER system with variable speed fan coil which is what I want. I can not bring up the above model numbers on the Carrier web site so I am not sure I am getting what I want. Please help.


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not clear what you are looking for unless it is just confirmation.

The numbers you provided are an ARI matched system. See performance metrics below.

792935 Active Systems COMFORT 13 PURON HP CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 25HCA360A30 FX4CN(B,F)060 60000 12.00 14.00 58500 8.30 36200

full BTUs on cooling, 12 EER, 14 SEER, 8.30 HSPF

Comfort Series is one step above Carrier's low end Base series. Not bad numbers but may be noisy condenser. Not good number on heating HSPF.

However, the FX4 air handler is not var speed but a fixed speed blower.

I certainly would consider an upgrade with a var speed blower, better HP condenser, and at least a thermidistat.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrier Comfort Series HPs

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Condenser noise with the Carrier 25HCA3 shouldn't be a problem at all (scroll compressor and compressor sound blanket). I was very impressed at how quiet the equivalent Bryant 223ANA was.

While the FX4CNF isn't variable speed (which I would recommend definitely), it does have the efficient X13 motor.


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The Carrier FV4 is what you should have been quoted--this has the variable speed ECM motor. Won't really gain any efficiency, but you'll gain in home comfort.

Are you considering any other brands or seeking other quotes? To tell you the truth I'm not a huge fan of Carrier (though their Infinity is nice I've been told), but if that's what you want, go with it. I personally like Trane. The guy telling you the FX4C was a variable speed motor doesn't sit well with me either. The X13 motors still have fixed speeds.

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One more thing: Let your dealer know that JUST because the X13 motor has a GE ECM module, it doesn't mean it's variable speed. The X13 is just a high efficiency multi-speed blower controlled by the ECM module.

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thank you both for the info. I am thick headed when it comes to
figuring out what all the numbers mean.
I thought the model number should start with 25HCA4 instead of
25HCA3 if I was getting a 14 SEER system.
But from what you are telling me the ARI matched system is

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Make sure you are aware that the FX4C air handlers aren't variable speed. Double-check with your dealer so you don't think you're getting something you're not. Good luck.

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One last question. The handler that I now have in house I am in is model FX4BNF030 does this have the x13 motor. Thanks

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Nope, just the FX4C. FX4B has a standard PSC 3-speed motor.

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Met with dealer this morning.The handler model is now FV4CNF-60-10. Which is suppose to be a 5 ton handler with a var
speed blower. Is this correct.

Thanks once more

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Yet another incorrect model number by your dealer.

Are you sure about this dealer? First he tried to say the FX4 was a variable speed blower, and now he changed one letter and still did not give you a correct model number. The FV4 air handlers have a bit different model nomenclature for sizing; yours should be FV4BNF006.

Good luck. Did this dealer do a load calculation to determine the size of the system? It usually takes a pretty big place to warrant 5-tons (unless you have old construction).

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I wonder if anyone could help.
I have a carrier fx4b 3.5 ton air handler which was installed in a new house, since day one the return vents whistled and vibrated, they then added a return vent to try balance the system, the air from the supply sounds like the inside of an aircraft,we where advised to add additinal supply vents to reduce the pressure and evenly distribute the air. the builder wants to lower the fan speed instead, will this change the over all efficiency of the system.

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