Scarf pattern

rosegardnerJune 5, 2007

I'm been looking for this for weeks....cast on of 10" then garter for 4 rows then one row pattern of k1,yo's then back to garter for 20" then back to one row pattern then your 4 rows of garter..bind off Now you tug and pull to make the scarf grow double in size and it becomes very drapey and lacey. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern incase this is not just right?

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Are you talking about a drop stitch scarf pattern? There are a lot of variations of that scarf, if you google "drop stitch scarf pattern" you'll find one you like.

Hope this helps!

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Wondering if this is what you meant, a Magic Scarf?,magic,scarf


Wear this amazingly soft and stretchy cowl over your shoulders, around your neck or over your head. After playing with it for just a little while you'll find many exciting possibilities. Instructions: Cast on (very loosely) 68 stitches on size 11 24" circular needles. (You may want to cast on to needles two sizes larger to make sure it is loose enough.) Knit in the round to desired length. 2 balls will make a scarf approximately 35" long unstretched (approx. 41" long stretched). 3 balls will make a scarf approximately 53" long unstretched (approx. 62" long stretched). To retain the horizontal stretchiness of the scarf, do not bind off. Instead, cut the yarn leaving a 3 yard tail. Thread this tail on a tapestry needle and slide the stitches off the knitting needle onto the tapestry needle, to be held by the yarn tail. Once all the stitches are on the yarn tail, stretch the scarf opening as far as it will go, and tie off the tail to the first stitch. Rather unconventional, but it works!


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